Poppy pride

Why I think wearing a poppy is important. Today, the nation will fall silent for 2 minutes at 11am to remember those who have fought, and still are fighting, in
Lewis Moody

A Moody Englishman of the best kind

A surprise meeting with rugby star, Lewis Moody. It's been one of those days today. Well, it started out as one of those days - you know, one of those
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Why the simple things mean the most

Sometimes it's the most simple things we hold the most dear. Ever since having children, I've discovered that I have lived 2 lives; one before my babies came along and
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The one where it all begins

Welcome to The Brat Race, a new blog for working parents. No-one told me how hard it can be having children. Or maybe they did, but I was so caught up in the excitement and
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