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how to get rid of fleas in your home, flea treatments

How to get rid of fleas in your home

Five steps to help you rid your home (and animals) of fleas. Last week I had some surprise house guests turn up. Fleas. Who would've thought 2 indoor cats could
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An exciting announcement

The The Brat Race family is growing! This news has been a few months in the making. I've been dying to tell people about this for ages. You have no idea
keep your deaf cat happy

Toys to keep your deaf cat happy

Avoid a bored and frustrated deaf cat. Ever since we discovered Dave was deaf we've tried hard to make sure he has adequate stimulation to avoid him becoming bored. We've
White cat outdoors

The sound of silence

Are you worried your cat is deaf? I love our cat.  I may have written that once or twice on this blog before.  Dave is a marvellous creature; glossy, playful,
Alarm Clock by Feelart on
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My early morning wake-up call

Image credit: Feelart | When sleep becomes a stranger. Pre-children, I loved my sleep.  Mr Sandman was one of my best friends, affording me joyous nights full of rich,
Staring out of the window and glimpsing my future
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I've seen my future…

The grey hairs cometh. I stand, gazing out onto our driveway, as the sun begins to slowly set in the west.  It's dinnertime and he's not back yet.  I don't
Curious cat


Someone's getting adventurous...and curious. This picture has been submitted to the Love All Blogs #SocialPix linky.  Check out more entries by clicking on the badge. 

The newest member of the family

This picture was submitted as part of the Silent Sunday photo meme, created by Mocha Beanie Mummy and hosted over at Love All Blogs.  Click on the badge below to

Getting a cat? What to buy…

In a few days time we will be welcoming a new addition into our family - a beautiful, little white and blue kitten.  There is much excited anticipation here in
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