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The time I became a football mum

Football Mum of the YearThe Chez Mummy posse with England and Arsenal Ladies footballer, Casey Stoney.

Launching McDonald’s new ‘Football Mum of the Year’ award.

It was a dry, but cool day. The sky was tinged with the faintest grey from the myriad of clouds floating by. At times it seemed to threaten with rain, but never did, preferring instead to allow the wind to blow in fits across the open ground.

I could see my children running around the field in front of me, practising their agility and learning basic football skills.

“So this,” I thought, “is what it’s like to be a football mum.”

I huddled into my jumper and mentally took my hat off to the thousands of mothers across the country who selflessly sacrifice their time to do this every week.

Football Mum of the Year

When it comes to sport, a mother’s role can sometimes be overlooked. Sport generally tends to be a rather male arena – barring some exceptions of course – even at a grassroots level.

It’s mainly mums though who wash the kit, ferry their children to and from clubs and are the steadfast supporters on those sidelines through wind, rain and sun.

It’s a commitment that McDonald’s says deserves recognition.

With the help of Coleen Rooney and England and Arsenal Ladies footballer, Casey Stoney, the company has launched its inaugural Football Mum of the Year award.

It’s aim is to recognise all those mothers who put in countless unpaid hours of hard work, so that their children and their friends can enjoy playing football.

I was invited along to an event at Petts Woods FC in Bromley a couple of weeks ago to find out more about the awards and give my children an opportunity to learn some basic footy skills.

They had an excellent tutor in the shape of Casey Stoney and despite their competitive streaks shining through at times, they both thoroughly enjoyed the session.

Football mum

Football mum

Football mum

It also gave me an insight into what it might be like as a ‘football mum’. Like I wrote earlier, I have a new respect for everyone who commits themselves utterly to this for the sake – and happiness – of their children.

I spoke to Casey after the session about the importance of getting children active, her football career and how she copes as a mum to twins. That video will be coming soon, but in the meantime here’s one (made by the McDonald’s team) about the Football Mum of the Year awards. I actually feature in this one… twice!

If you know a mum who you think deserves to be recognised for their commitment to their children’s football career, make sure you nominate them before Friday 19 June 2015. The winner will be presented with their award by Coleen Rooney at a special ceremony at Wembley Stadium on Sunday 2 August.


  1. I cant wait until my son and daughter are old enough to be in sports as I will happily take them and get very involved. It is so so important for them to stay active and remain fit. My sons school have an initiative just now, The Daily Mile, where his class walk a mile around the playground

  2. i have had none of my kids be interested in football except for the 11 year old who was actually scouted by sunderland football club last month and he turned them down because he likes newcastle , go figures lol

  3. I am not a Football mum as I have two girls who are ballet and dance orientated, however I do spend a lot of my time waiting for them whilst they do their sports, I believe it is fundamental to teach our children sport, not only for the health benefits but it’s good for the soul.

  4. I kind of want to say thank heaven’s that I don’t have kids who play football because I can’t think of anything I’d like to be less than a football mum! I would support them if they did though but we make do with a run around the park instead.

  5. My son is keen to join a football team outside of the school one. It’s great for them to have a sporting interest

  6. What a great initiative. I feel a bit lucky that my oldest is totally uninterested in football…I have a feeling my youngest could be very different though and I could become a football mum yet!!

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