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17 life lessons children can teach grown ups

Life lessons

Taking inspiration from children to live our lives well.

It’s so easy to think that we know it all. That we’ve got things sussed. Having spent 30-odd years on this planet now, you’d think that I have some sort of clue about this life of mine.

But lately I’ve been feeling like that isn’t really true.

Being an adult – and especially a parent – can be exhausting. You have so many responsibilities resting on your shoulders and my husband and I are both guilty of letting all these things weigh us down sometimes.

My children don’t understand this. Of course they don’t, they’re 6 and four. They don’t need to worry about mortgage payments, or bills, or car insurance, or food shopping, or cleaning out the cats’ litter trays, or any number of jobs that my husband and I do on a daily basis.

No, to them life at the moment is all about long lie-ins, watching cartoons, going on the swings, having a swim, playing with their toys…

Life is so simple when you’re a child.

And that’s where us adults can perhaps learn something from children. It’s good to slow down.

As parents we focus so much on teaching our children new things, showing them new experiences and generally shaping them into the best human beings they can be.

But you know what? There are practically just as many things we can learn from them too. Things that we have forgotten amid the business of our everyday adult lives. Things that are important to remember.

Last weekend I took inspiration from my children. I put my jobs to one side and we played, had fun and were generally silly. It felt good.

It made me think about the sorts of things I can learn from them and I came up with a list of ‘life lessons’ that I think every person should remember. Because a life worth living is a life worth living well.

  1. Look at things like you’re seeing them for the first time
  2. Enjoy the simple things in life – who knew cardboard boxes could be so versatile and SO MUCH FUN!
  3. Ice cream for breakfast is AMAZING, especially with sprinkles and strawberry sauce!
  4. Jump in muddy puddles… preferably while it’s still raining.
  5. The wind in your face from climbing trees or getting out on your bike gives you one the BEST feelings of freedom EVER.
  6. Say what’s on your mind.
  7. Talk open and honestly.
  8. Ask ALL the questions.
  9. Know your own mind. You’re not being bossy or stubborn, you’re assertive and confident!
  10. Refuse to compromise on things you really REALLY want.
  11. Sing like no-one’s listening.
  12. Dance like no-one’s watching.
  13. Laugh. A lot.
  14. Make eye contact with other people. Smile. Say hello. It really can help make the world a friendlier place.
  15. Celebrate your own unique style. Don’t be embarrassed or afraid to be YOU.
  16. Don’t always do what you’re supposed to. Sometimes it’s good to break that routine!
  17. If you’re ever feeling stressed out or upset, stand with your feet apart, thrust your clenched fists down towards your sides and SCREAM. You’ll feel so much better. Perhaps not in a supermarket or other busy place though.

Can you think of any other life lessons grown ups can learn from children?


  1. Love this, I have been really trying to live through my kids eyes this summer and it has been so much fun! I’ve also thrown some great tantrums 😉

  2. Excellent advice. I think kids can teach us so much – by their behaviour and ours too. Also they tend to be very good at not bearing grudges and making up friendships without dwelling on issues – something we should probably all do too!

  3. ha! since becoming pregnant (and having pregnancy hormones!) has made me relate to my little boy much more, I’ve taken to a slower pace and I can also understand his tantrums as I’m having just as much 😉 x

  4. and there was me thinking you had thrown a tantrum in the middle of a huge supermarket ;0) – great advice! I do love to jump in muddy puddles with the kids

  5. This is such a great post. On my way to work this morning on the bus I heard a grandaughter say to her grandfather “How long will be out today Grandpa because you are quite old and might die” ha x

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