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Five of the best ready-to-roll icing Christmas cupcake ideas

Ready to roll icing Christmas cupcake ideas by Renshaw Baking

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One thing I love about Christmas is the food; mince pies, Christmas cake, Xmas pudding, Yule log… the list goes on. While it’s nice and easy to stock up on all these things from your local supermarket, I always think it’s nice to make your own if you have the time (and one day I actually will!).

Christmas is most definitely a time to let your baking creativity run wild. With all the simple, striking colours and cute imagery it’s easy to take a simple every-day cake and turn it into a beautiful festive favourite. However, I admit I’m a bit of a cheat when it comes to these things. Baking isn’t really my strong point, but I’m determined I’m going to give it a try, especially with Olivia and William getting older – if we make a mess and things turn out disastrous it won’t matter because we’ll have had a ton of fun along the way. And you can always disguise a less perfect cake with some clever icing – no-one will know!

A full-on Christmas fruit cake isn’t something I’ve dared to try yet (maybe that will change next year), but Christmas-themed cupcakes are much more up my baking street. Not only do they make a tasty gift but they can also be decorated easily with some Renshaw ready to roll icingThanks to the huge variety of colours available ready to roll icing is a great option for decorating cupcakes instead of the more usual frosting.

Here are 5 of the best ready to roll icing Christmas cupcake ideas (courtesy of Renshaw Baking – I’m not this good!) to get your creative juices flowing this yuletide.

Father Christmas Cake Topper.

If you’d rather stick with a tasty buttercream frosting for your cupcakes then you could top it off with a mini cake topper made out of ready to roll icing. Making figurines from ready to roll icing is fairly easy. To make this cute little Father Christmas you’ll need some white, red, black and flesh coloured ready to roll icing. He’ll look so adorable perched on top, but don’t stop with Santa. You could make a snowman, penguin or a tiny Christmas present too.

Father Christmas cake topper

Christmas Tree Tear And Share Cupcake.

Christmas is a time for giving, and what better gift than some delicious home-baked cupcakes. This tear and share cupcake is fashioned into a Christmas tree and each cupcake is decorated with some green ready to roll icing. Using a sharp knife you can cut into the icing to give some texture and create the illusion of tree boughs. Add a yellow ready to roll icing star and some mini chocolate beans for the baubles and you’ve got a beautiful Christmas cupcake.

Christmas tree tear and share cupcakes

Bauble Cupcakes.

Why not make your cupcakes into decorative baubles? Using various colours of ready to roll icing you can make your cupcake baubles as fancy as you like. Using some boiled cooled water you can stick layers of icing together to make patterns, or add some edible shimmer to make them glittery.

Bobble Hat Cupcakes.

We’re due for one of the coldest winters in years here in the UK, so along with the obligatory Christmas jumper (thanks Nan!) there is going to be quite a few bobble hats out and about. These little cupcakes use ready to roll icing for the hat and bobble, and are a cinch to decorate.

Bobble hat cupcakes

Snowman Christmas Cupcakes.

Given the round shape of a cupcake it makes the ideal base for building up a snowman decoration. Fix a marshmallow to the top of your cupcake and then cover with white ready to roll icing to create the body. Then take another pinch of icing, roll it into a ball and set it on top for the head. Some black icing for the eyes and buttons and orange for a nose and you’re all done.

Here’s hoping these Christmas cupcake ideas inspire you over the holiday season. Merry Christmas!

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