Here at The Brat Race, we celebrated Olivia’s third birthday last week.  Three-years-old!  It’s amazing to think that 3 years have already passed.  I have seen her grow from a tiny beautiful baby into a gorgeously cheeky and increasingly independent little girl.

My husband and I wanted to do something special for her to mark the start of her third year of life.  So, we decided to take her to her most favourite place in the whole of the big, wide world.

Where was it?

We managed to keep it a surprise for her – come and see what she thought…

I must add that, although William doesn’t feature in this video, he did most definitely come with us (I was holding him while recording the video).  We all even went for a swim together inside the water park. 

I’ve linked this up to my One Fine Day “Show Real” video challenge, because this was definitely one of Olivia’s best days.  Will you link up too?

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