An Angry Birds obsession

Angry Birds outfit

A new fashion phase for William.

Forget the birds and the bees, my children are much more interested in the birds and the pigs right now.

Of course I’m talking about Angry Birds.

I’m not sure when the obsession started, but an obsession it has become.

They love the app. They have a physical version of the game. They even have an over-sized, red Angry Bird for good measure.

And for William, this obsession has even started to seep into the clothes he wears.

Angry Birds outfit

My mother-in-law came across this t-shirt and just knew that William would love it. It’s one of his favourite items of clothing right now.

William’s also developing a penchant for baseball caps. This Angry Birds cap from Asda was a bargain in the sale. William saw it and just absolutely had to have it.

I remember having my own ‘fashion phases’ when I was younger. Garfield was popular and I recall that me, my mum and my sister all had baggy t-shirts featuring the ginger cat in funny guises.

Sometimes we even wore them at the same time.

Sadly (or perhaps I should say ‘fortunately’), I don’t have any photographs to share of this phase of mine. But the memories are enough – I cringe every time I think about it.

What ‘fashion phases’ did you go through during your childhood?


  1. I don’t remember any clothes phases but I did want to be Wonder Woman and had a Wonder woman vest and underpants that I’d wear around the house. My 2-yo boy is currently going through an animal phase where he will only wear shirts with animals on them.

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