Wear your heart on your… eyes this Valentine's Day

heart foam glasses, Baker Ross, arts and crafts

Heart foam glasses: a fun craft for children this Valentine’s Day.

It’s the start of February. It can only mean one thing.

Valentine’s Day – the most romantic day in the entire year – is almost upon us.

It’s actually a day that my husband dislikes intensely.

“Why should I feel forced to show you I love you one day a year?” he always asks grumpily. “If I want to take you for a meal or buy you flowers I’ll do it whenever I want and won’t be charged rip-off prices like I will be on that one day.”

So it’s down to me and my children to make something of Valentine’s Day if we so want to.

This year, the arts and crafts company Baker Ross sent me a pack of 6 heart foam glasses to create our own designs.

Forget stars in your eyes, this would be a case of hearts in our eyes.

Baker Ross heart foam glasses

Being part of the Baker Ross bloggers ne2rk, I’ve built up a small collection of their stickers and self-adhesive gems, pom poms and bows. Tipping out the entire contents of our arts and crafts hamper (more or less), we set to work on our designs.

heart foam glasses

For our glasses we used:

heart foam glasses, Baker Ross

It’s such a simple, easy and non-messy craft activity, it’s perfect for keeping young children occupied. It certainly keptย Olivia and William quiet for an entire morning – result!

What do you think of our designs?

heart foam glasses, Baker Ross, arts and crafts

We’re currently deciding which grandparents get which set of funky glasses to show that they’re in our thoughts and our hearts.

How will you be sharing the love on Valentine’s Day?


  1. We are Baker Ross bloggers as well, and we had so much making these. I was surprised just how sturdy they are as well.

  2. How cute, what a great idea…they look so cool with their glasses. Not sure if the children and I will do anything special for Valentine’s day. Maybe I’ll make some special cakes ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Baker Ross is the wholesale/school section of the brand, the at home catalogue is Yellow Moon ๐Ÿ™‚ We used to love them but their prices haven’t reflected the product quality lately.

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