Everything’s beachy: summer-inspired crafts for children

A selection of Baker Ross summer crafts

Baker Ross summer crafts

It’s nearly the end of the May half-term holiday already and the days seem to have whizzed by.

Although the weather’s been a little hit-and-miss, we’ve had some fantastic fun together. I think the key is making sure you have all-weather activities planned.

Arts and crafts is a perfect example of this.

If it’s cold or raining outside, we can settle down in front of our coffee table and immerse ourselves in a project. When it’s full-on sunshine outside, we can take our messier crafts into the garden.

This May half-term we had some new arts and crafts products to keep us busy. As a Baker Ross blogger, I was sent a selection of their summer craft activities to try out.

We received some sun (sort of), some sand (lots of) and one or 2 other products to help bring out our creative sides.

Sand art 

Who says you need to go to the beach to have fun with sand? You don’t even need a sandpit.

All you need are some fun Baker Ross sand art activities like some animal sand art bottles, some self-adhesive sand art picture sheets and a pack of fluorescent sand. A wipe clean mat or outdoor space in case of any spillages is optional, but recommended!

Baker Ross summer crafts, sand art


The sand art bottles were really easy to do. The bottles come with a funnel to help minimise the mess and you add various amounts of different coloured sand to each bottle to create your own sand design.

Baker Ross summer crafts

The self adhesive sand art picture sheets were cool too. We thought at first that we needed to use glue to stick the sand to the pictures, but I eventually worked that wasn’t the case.

What you actually do is peel back the top layer to reveal the self-adhesive part, which you then pour the sand over. The design comes off in sections too so that you can colour the picture in with different colours.

The end result was pretty neat, even if my table wasn’t!

Self-adhesive sand art picture sheets, Baker Ross summer crafts

Gnome suncatcher stakes

Catch some sun with these funky gnome suncatcher stakes, perfect for planting around the garden or in plant pots with some fresh blooms.

Baker Ross summer crafts

It’s an incredibly easy activity and a nice twist on traditional ‘colouring in’. We used some glass and porcelain pens to colour in our gnomes (normal felt tips won’t cut it) and love the finished product.

Scratch art

I remember doing some scratch art when I was younger and it was always something I enjoyed. It gives you a sense that you’re creating a design all of your own.

However, the scratch art I used to do back in the day were only ever one colour. That’s not the case any more.

Scratch Art Collage, Baker Ross summer crafts


Scratch the surface of these Baker Ross kaleidoscope scratch art hanging decorations and you get hit by a variety of bright colours waiting to be unleashed.

Baker Ross scratch art designs, Baker Ross summer crafts

 Paint your own castle money box

Painting is a great summer activity because you get to take all that mess outside. Plus, if children get messy while they’re doing it (which they will inevitably will), you can simply hose them down outdoors or get them to run through the sprinkler a few times.

If you’re looking for an art project to keep children busy rather than random painting sessions, these ceramic coin banks are a lovely little idea. Not only are they something practical that children can use, but they’re also a fantastic little keepsake to treasure in years to come.Paint your own castle money box, Baker Ross summer crafts


I’d say these are for slightly older children though. Olivia enjoyed decorating her own castle, but it was too much for William’s attention span. Instead, he instructed me on which colours he wanted going where.

Space wooden shapes

My daughter has recently learned about space at school so this activity was perfect for her. The wooden space shapes come completely blank, allowing you to colour them in exactly how you want.

We used this activity to talk about space and our solar system. We even made a 3D picture.

3D space picture, Baker Ross summer crafts

Please note: Baker Ross kindly sent me the above arts and craft sets to review. All words and opinions are my own and are ten0% honest.


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