Welcome to The Brat Race, a new blog for working parents.

No-one told me how hard it can be having children.

Or maybe they did, but I was so caught up in the excitement and thrill of it all, that I chose not to listen.

Either way, even when I felt the most prepared that I possibly could be, the reality of parenthood was still one hell of a shock.

I quickly discovered that it’s not something you can really prepare for. Sure, I knew there’ll be sleepless nights and that almost all of my day – and night – will revolve around my baby, but I didn’t realise how responsible and guilty you can feel about your baby, right from the moment you discover you’re pregnant.

Or how the simplest of things like getting showered, dressed and out in the morning can become like a military manoeuvre, planned out to the last detail.

Or how the worst of the toddler tantrums always seem to be saved for when you’re out and about and surrounded by people (who, inevitably, start frowning at you and no doubt mutter about what a bad parent you are).

Or having to become a master of multi-tasking. I’m now an expert at feeding a hungry baby, cooking dinner for the rest of the family and answering the phone all at the same time.

Then, add more children to the mix and there’s things like sibling rivalry and jealousy to sort out.

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Oh yes, and then you return to work and have to juggle the whole work/life thing.

It’s enough to give you a proper headache. I need a lie-down just thinking about it.

I’ve decided to pen this blog to share my thoughts and experiences about being a working parent  – although I’m still on maternity leave, returning to work will be a reality for me next year – and the joys, frustrations and difficulties that go hand-in-hand with that ‘honour’. It’s not easy being a parent and it ‘s certainly not always easy to find a work/life balance; I know I sometimes struggled with this in my pre-children days.

I want The Brat Race to be a supportive space for both mothers and fathers, where our perennial guilt is dropped off at the door and we celebrate just getting through the day, perhaps even with a big glass of wine or gin once the kids are in bed. I want it to help you (and me) survive life as a working parent.

So what are you waiting for? Come and join The Brat Race!