Making more friends with Bratz this summer

A review of the Bratz Remix Yasmin doll

Bratz Remix Yasmin doll

I’m sure I’ve said it before, but summer is my favourite season of the year.

As a family who enjoys the fresh air, summer makes it so much easier to spend time outside. It can also be the time when childhood friendships are made or strengthened by the very nature of mixing with other children at local parks and other public spaces.

Olivia has certainly ‘collected’ a new friend this summer. She’s called Yasmin, seems to be fashion-minded and appears to enjoy her music. The only problem is that she’s a brat.

To be more precise, she’s a Bratz.

Yasmin is part of the Bratz Remix collection where music reigns supreme and each doll mixes fashion with oversized headphones.

Yasmin’s headphones are lavender and topped with butterflies. She also comes with a smartphone accessory and the iconic mouth-shaped Bratz hairbrush.

Her outfit comprises of a cropped daisy top with matching flower-print trousers and the large platform shoes that Bratz dolls are known for.

Bratz Remix Yasmin Doll

Olivia liked her immediately.

The Bratz Remix Yasmin doll is built exactly the same as other Bratz dolls. She is posable, durable and lightw8. You can also easily detach her shoes to mix and match her outfits with other footwear, which is sold separately.

Olivia couldn’t wait for me to unbox the doll and quickly dug out her ‘Hello My Name Is’ Jade Bratz doll to play with alongside Yasmin.

So far, Olivia has taken her to the park, taken her swimming, had sleepovers and generally enjoyed chilling out with her and her Jade doll.

Bratz Remix Yasmin Doll by Swimming Pool

Girl Swimming with Bratz Remix Yasmin Doll

Girl and Bratz Remix Yasmin Doll on Swings

Jade and Yasmin Bratz Dolls

Hello My Name Is Jade and Bratz Remix Yasmin Dolls

Yep, it’s been a real ‘summer of Bratz’ this year. How has yours been?


Please note: I was sent the Bratz Remix Yasmin doll for the purpose of this review. All opinions are mind and are ten0% honest.

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