Recharging the parental batteries.

Last Thursday my husband and I packed up our car, deposited our children with their grandparents and drove off into the sunset.

OK, so it wasn’t quite ‘into the sunset’, but it was about an hour down the road.

After a stressful month for both of us we had booked ourselves into a hotel for a couple of days away.

It’s something we do about a twice a year. As much as we love our children, our time alone together is something we both look forward to and enjoy immensely.

Here are some things I enjoy most about having a child-free weekend…

The alcohol
White Wine and Lemonade, child free weekend
White wine with lemonade anyone?

I don’t know about you, but I feel like I should take advantage of a few alcoholic drinks when I have a child-free weekend.

It’s not because I necessarily want to drink it – I hardly touch the stuff nowadays – but rather because I feel I should. Going away without your children and not touching any booze almost seems like a wasted opportunity. It also feels just a little rebellious.

Dining out in peace
Ribs and Fries, child free weekend
Yummy food.

You can actually sit in a restaurant without worrying about tantrums and other inappropriate noises coming from your table and annoying other guests.

Plus, you can eat AT YOUR OWN PACE! An opportunity not to be wasted.

Lemon Cheesecake in Mug
Cheesecake in a mug. Heaven!
Actually getting to put your feet up for once
Child free weekend
Actually getting to put your feet up for once.

Being a parent keeps you busy and on your toes… quite literally sometimes. How often do you manage to put your feet up and have a rest? Probably best not to answer that.

Taking yourself away for a couple of days means you can have an actual, proper lie-in, watch television in bed for as long as you like, take a long soak in the bathtub or have a swim in the hotel pool. Pure bliss!

Shopping… for yourself!
child free weekend
I love this dress from Karen Millen.

I never normally shop for myself. My focus is always on what my children need and desire. Whenever I do try to buy myself anything, it’s normally a rushed purchase online while my children are arguing in the background or busy destroying the living room.

I had forgotten how nice it is to physically visit a shop and try on clothes. So much so that I may have gotten a little carried away with purchases!

It’s also nice to take a leisurely stroll around the shops without your children constantly whining that they’re bored.

Smiggle Stationery
Pretty stationery by Smiggle.
Giant Wine Glasses
Love these giant wine glasses at House of Fraser, but where’s the wine to go with them?
Going home a better parent

Looking at Window, child-free weekend

As much as I hate the thought of leaving my children, I do enjoy my child-free time and think it’s important.

It can be so easy to let the w8 of the world rest on your shoulders and it can make you snappy and irritable with the ones you love most.

Getting away for a couple of days gives me time to relax and unwind properly. It allows me to be silly with my husband and frees me for a short while from my responsibilities. Any worries I may have are lifted and I feel refreshed. My patience is replenished.

I always head home with a smile on my face, my body free from stress and my arms ready to wrap themselves around those 2 little people I love most in the world. A child-free weekend undoubtedly makes me a better parent.

Do you like to get away from your parental responsibilities every now and again to recharge your batteries?