There’s only 6 days to go until Christmas Day – yikes!

Preparations for the big day are beginning to ramp up a notch. Houses are decorated with luminous and in some cases, extravagant lighting arrangements. Christmas trees stand proudly, adorned with baubles which sparkle as they catch the light. The sound of ripping Sellotape can be heard across the land in the evenings leading up to the big day.

Come Christmas Day children will wake early, eager to discover if Father Christmas has left a haul of gifts under the tree. Families will come together to celebrate (and fall asleep on the sofa during the Queen’s speech).

Father Christmas 2012, children in poverty

But what about those children who may not have such a jolly Christmas?

What about the 5-year-old who has to get himself up, dressed, fed and off to school aIl on his own because his parents can’t bear to get out of bed, burdened with debt and guilt?

What about the teenage girl who is angry with the world because she witnessed repeated episodes of domestic violence?

Or the young children in poverty who are bullied mercilessly every day at school?

How about the 12-year-old with the troubled background who has been repeatedIy let down by so many adults and is now described by some as a ‘lost cause’?

What type of Christmas will these children have?

How we’re helping children in poverty.

I’ve written a post for TalkMum, a community for mothers and mums-to-be, about the issue of children in poverty. It’s about why every child deserves to feel special at Christmas and how my husband has tried hard to put a little Christmas joy into the lives of some local children who have had a difficult year and have very little. Please do go and take a read.

Thank you.