On our own ‘Polar Express’ in search of Father Christmas.

Family frolicsThe temperature has dropped, the Christmas songs are playing on the radio and festive films appear to have started in earnest. If you listen quietly in the evenings, you can hear the frenetic tapping of computer keyboards as parents search for the perfect presents online and the curses of exasperated adults doing the annual address book hunt through the house in order to send Christmas cards to those relatives and distant friends you only keep in touch with through holiday cards.

Yep, it’s Christmas alright.

While it can be a stressful time for any parent, Christmas is a truly magical time for so many children. With Olivia and William getting older we decided that Christmas just wouldn’t be complete without a trip to see Father Christmas. I had considered taking them both to a grotto to meet the big man in red, but then my mother-in-law discovered a local farm which took families on a train ride to see Santa – a kind of Polar Express. And, as the train conductor from that 2004 film said, “The thing about trains… it doesn’t matter where they’re going. What matters is deciding to get on.”

And so we did.

The Santa Express: A collage

William, my Thomas the Tank Engine train-obsessed 2-year-old, loved it. On seeing our transportation – a miniature green steam engine – he exclaimed, “Percy!”. He could have happily spent the day just looking at those trains.

Olivia on the other hand couldn’t wait to see Father Christmas and tell him what a good girl she’s been this year. She’s a smart cookie that one!

Sitting gingerly in our carriage, we weaved through trees and travelled over bridges on our magical train journey. Animal sculptures adorned with festive tinsel helped to point the way. An elf appeared from the woods on his ‘Elf and Safety’ bicycle and waved, disappearing behind us as we continued on our route. The train chugged and whistled and chugged some more. A station appeared in the distance, through the trees and we started to slow. Could it be? Yes, could it be? Father Christmas?


Finding Father Christmas
Trying to play it cool

Both Olivia and William couldn’t believe their eyes. They were itching to see Santa and sit with him on his sleigh. I could see the wonderment spread across both children’s faces as they were invited forward by the main man himself and each given a gift.

We had huge amounts of fun together on our magical Santa Express train ride. We loved getting outside in the brisk winter air and I believe it’s adventures like this that can really bring you together as a family. I’m keen to keep that going into the new year and beyond. As someone once said,“The thing about trains… it doesn’t matter where they’re going. What matters is deciding to get on.”. I love the ethos behind that statement.

Family frolics by Multiple Mummy I am dedicating this post to the memory of Kerry, AKA Multiple Mummy, who sadly passed away one year ago. She was passionate about her young family and having fun with her 3 little children. Kerry was one of the friendliest, most welcoming people I have had the pleasure to meet during my time as a blogger so far and her death drove home to me how fragile life can be. It moved me to make the most of my family, seek out adventures as often as possible and live for each day. 

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