As I type, the turkey has been eaten and all gifts unwrapped. Bin bags full of paper and discarded cardboard boxes fill my garage.

We’ve had a fantastic family Christmas.

The build-up to it began in earnest at the end of November. That’s when our Christmas tree and decorations went up.

As I said at the time, I blame my husband for that.

December saw us paying Father Christmas a visit on a couple of occasions.

Father Christmas, Santa Claus

And we even had a special ‘Santa sleepover’ at Alton Towers.

We enjoyed an early Christmas Day with my family, so it stands to reason that by Christmas Eve the excitement and anticipation was palpable.

This year was a quiet Christmas, just the four of us all together. It was the first time in a few years that my husband wasn’t working on Christmas Day, which made it even more special.

When the children finally awoke (they slept through until nearly 7.30am, Olivia completely forgetting it was Christmas Day), our day began in earnest.

Smiles and laughter, joy and delight defined our family Christmas, as it always does. We set up toys, played games, ate party food and my husband and I even indulged in a small glass of sparkling wine.

We loved every second.

Family Christmas

How was your Christmas this year?