Introducing my daughter the artist.

Once upon a time my baby girl used to grab chunky crayons and randomly colour patches of paper to create ‘drawings’. You could ask her to draw anything; car, cat, the sun… it would all tend to turn out the same.

Roll forward a few years and now Olivia’s fine motor skills are such that she can use thinner, more ‘grown-up’ colouring-in pencils and has ideas for drawings that she can bring to life on paper. If you ask her to draw a cat, she will. If she wants to draw a tractor, she’ll give it her best go.┬áIt’s one of the (many) ways I can tell that my little girl is growing up.

I love seeing how Olivia’s creativity is developing as she gets older. I particularly enjoy her family portraits, which always make me smile. This is how she sees us.

Family portraits, drawing

These are some lovely drawings, but I’m not sure I like the ages that Olivia has written down for both myself and my husband!

Seriously though, the way that my 5-year-old sees and interprets the world is truly fascinating.┬áRight now, she’s oblivious to all the horrible things that are going on in this world and sees only beauty wherever she looks. I absolutely love it and I think there’s a lesson in there for us all. We can learn a lot from our children, if only we want to see it.

How does your child see the world?