Our weekend with school mascot, Freddie the Frog

School mascot

A riveting ribbetting weekend sleepover.

Last Friday, following the news that Olivia’s school mascot, Freddie the Frog, was staying with us for the weekend, I settled down to look at his accompanying photo book.

Flicking through its pages at the other sleepovers he had enjoyed with some of Olivia’s classmates, there were lots of photos of fun days out, parties and games. The bar was well and truly set. 

Thankfully, we had already made plans for the weekend. Fun plans. Phew!

Once the introductions were all made and Freddie was acquainted with all of our household ‘characters’ (including Dave the cat and a lot of random soft toys), we settled down for the night to get ready for the next day. Saturday dawned and we readied ourselves for a day out at our charmingly small, local zoo. 

We saw butterflies, large and small, flying over our heads (and right in front of our faces!) in the tropical garden. Meerkats scurried around their enclosure. Lizards lay lazily under heat lamps. Porcupines dozed sleepily. Ring-tailed lemurs teased their keeper in a cheeky manner only they could get away with. Owls and eagles swooped and soared. We even walked among wallabies and guineafowl, which Freddie particularly enjoyed.

School mascot Freddie the Frog, zoo

Sunday was a much more relaxed affair. A bright and warm day, we spent most of it outdoors in the garden. Perhaps I should have taken them all for a ramble in the local nature reserve, but Olivia, William and Freddie kept themselves busy in the garden as you can see.

School mascot Freddie the Frog

 All this fun seemed to work up quite an appetite for everyone involved. With pizza for dinner, Freddie wasn’t backwards at coming forwards for a slice.

School mascot Freddie the Frog

Once Olivia, William and Freddie were all tucked up into bed, Sunday night was a whirlwind of photo-printing, gluing, writing and decorative sticking to make sure that Freddie’s book was eye-catchingly updated with details of our weekend. I was very aware of how creative other parents had tried to be when depicting their fun-filled Freddie weekends and I felt under pressure to deliver the goods. If I didn’t do a good job, would other parents see our contribution and look down their noses at us? Would we then become pariahs in the playground? They might seem like outlandish thoughts, but I’m still getting used to the politics of the school playground and I didn’t want to risk it!

After investing a good amount of time and effort into making our contribution into Freddie’s book look as captivating as possible, I was actually rather nervous about handing it to Olivia’s teacher this morning. It’s been more than a few year’s since I last did ‘homework’ after all!

Do you ever feel under pressure to ‘perform’ with school activities like this?

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