Eyewear gets cool for kids.

I have, I am afraid to say, a history of poor eyesight in my family. My father has it, I have it and, I am also afraid to say, my children appear to have it.

My daughter was first ‘diagnosed’ at the start of this year. Her eyesight seems to be much like mine and glasses have become a normal part of her life.

Having married a man with 20/20 vision, I had been hoping to avoid passing on my retinal defects so it was a blow to discover my daughter had trouble seeing the world around her clearly.

I wondered if my son would inherit my eyesight problems too, or if he would take after his dad. I was given the answer a couple of weeks ago when he had his first ever eyesight test.

The optician concluded that William’s vision is not perfect. After another, more detailed appointment, she told me that he should wear glasses for any reading, writing or screen time.

At least the range of children’s spectacles has improved since I was a child.

Frozen themed glasses for kids

I took my children to Specsavers to look at their range of glasses and was pleasantly surprised. Disney characters and comic book heroes adorn many of the children’s range.

Their newest range, which features characters from Frozen, was also on display and looked very cool (pardon the pun). Every set of glasses was colourful, fun and good quality.

My children certainly enjoyed browsing the frames and trying them on.

Frozen themed glasses for kids Frozen themed glasses for Kids, Specsavers

Olivia spotted these purple Anna frames and really liked them.

Frozen themed glasses for kids, Specsavers

But her mind was made up as soon as she laid eyes on these Elsa frames. She absolutely had to get them.

Frozen themed glasses for kids, Specsavers

I was initially dismayed to discover that the children’s range was divided into 2 categories – girls and boys. That didn’t stop my children though and I was secretly delighted when my daughter chose a pair of glasses featuring Lightning McQueen as her second pair in the ‘buy one get one free’ deal.

Meanwhile, my son seemed to like the blue Olaf glasses on display…

Frozen themed glasses for kids, Specsavers

However, his small face dictated which frames he could have so we had to put these back in favour of a smaller pair of Buzz Lightyear glasses instead.

It took us longer than expected to choose the final frames for Olivia and William due to the choice on offer. However, once we had decided, the process of getting them ordered was quick and easy.

A week later I took Olivia and William to pick up their new frames. William was especially excited to get his own pair of glasses and wore them proudly out of the shop.

They both look terribly smart in their new specs. So smart in fact that I can’t help but feel a little jealous – adult frames seem rather boring in comparison now!