Getting outside and having fun is definitely a ‘thing’ for my family.

We enjoy heading to our local park, nature reserve, or other outdoor space to run, explore and burn off any pent-up energy. I think it’s also great for encouraging my children to think imaginatively through the games they create, inspired by the nature around them.

Of course, it always seems a little harder to do this during winter. The dropping temperatures obviously play a part, but I think one of the biggest setbacks is how dark the winter months generally are.

But darkness doesn’t have to stop play. We actually ventured outside when the moon and stars were twinkling in the sky last weekend and had a lot of fun exploring our garden in a different way.

Secret garden challenge

The idea that fun doesn’t have to stop once the sun goes down is something that Energizer® recognises too. You might only associate Energizer with batteries – I’m definitely guilty of thinking that’s all they make – but their products include batteries, lanterns, torches and headlamps, which means you can always be ready for adventures no matter what time of day or night.

A secret garden adventure

Considering how much my family likes the outdoors, when I received an email asking us to get involved in a secret garden adventure challenge, I couldn’t say no.

A package of Energizer lanterns and headlights promptly arrived, along with an adventure map, night vision goggles and some Secret Life of Pets goodies, including a plush toy each for Olivia and William (Energizer has teamed up with Secret Life of Pets for a special promotional offer – I’ll come onto that a little later).

Energiser and Secret Life of Pets secret garden challenge

Both Olivia and William couldn’t wait to try on their new Secret Life of Pets pyjamas and they quickly claimed one of the plush toys as their own (without any arguments too, which is always a bonus).

Energiser, Secret Life of Pets

I was surprised by the different Energizer lanterns and headlights that arrived: a compact lantern, headlights and magnetic lights. As I say, I had no idea that Energizer did anything other than batteries. All the lights are LED too, which means their glow is mega bright.

Energizer lanterns and headlights, Secret Life of Pets, secret garden adventure

We couldn’t wait to try everything out and spent our Saturday afternoon looking at the adventure map we had been sent and the four mini challenges that awaited us.

Being winter, we didn’t have to wait too long before the light started to fade and my children raced out to the garden. Our tasks involved looking up at the sky and drawing what we saw, guessing how many hops a rabbit would need to take to cross our garden, bug hunting and listening out for wildlife.

Energizer lanterns and headlights, Secret Life of Pets, secret garden challenge

Energizer, Secret Life of Pets

Energizer, Secret Life of Pets, secret garden challenge, bonfire night, Guy Fawkes

Energizer lanterns and headlights, secret garden challenge, Secret Life of Pets

We also tried out the night vision goggles, which were lots of fun, but unfortunately I couldn’t get a good photograph of any of us wearing them.

Finding more uses for Energizer lanterns and headlights

The fun didn’t stop there for Olivia and William though. No, they managed to find a way to continue their night-time adventures indoors too.

A while after I had tucked them both into bed, I went upstairs to check on them and guess what I found – yep, 2 children refusing to go to sleep and using the headlights to read instead!

Energizer lanterns and headlights

Energizer lanterns and headlights

Olivia and William thoroughly enjoyed our adventure, think the headlights they received are amazing and love the Secret Life of Pets plush toys and PJs. We’re already making plans for a similar adventure at our local park and woodland area.

The plush toys themselves are just large enough to fit perfectly in the crook of a child’s arm and are super soft and cuddly. If you’d like to win a Secret Life of Pets plush toy for your own secret adventures at home, Energizer® is running a special offer at the moment. Just pick up a special promo pack from major participating retailers for your chance to win.


This post was produced in collaboration with Energizer®.