Create your own handprint trees

Handprint trees, Baker Ross, arts and crafts

A fun and messy art activity to treasure forever.

Keeping children entertained when the weather is gloomy can sometime be a challenge. It’s why I have a trusty arts and crafts box to fall back on (not literally!) when it looks like the sun has gone on holiday.

I had been toying with an arty idea for a while and last Sunday, with its cloudy afternoon sky, seemed like the perfect time to try it.

Handprint trees

This is a fun, but simple idea. You draw or paint a tree trunk and then children dunk their hands  into paint and use them to create the leaves on the trees.

I had recently been sent a box of goodies from Baker Ross and digging through its contents I found items perfect for our project:

I already had some paint, brushes and card, which were the other necessary items we needed. We laid it all out and set to work making our handprint trees.

Handprint trees

We first mixed our paint to create the colour brown and painted tree trunks onto the card.

Once the paint had dried, we began adding handprints to make the leaves on the trees.

To do this I spread the desired colour of paint onto a large sponge. My children then pressed their hands down onto the sponge to pick up just enough paint to transfer to the paper.

They also painted leaves falling from the trees using their fingertips.

Making handprint trees

Once Olivia and William were happy with the amount of handprints on their tree trunks, we moved onto the weather foam stickers.

Making handprint trees

Making handprint trees

Olivia and William had a lot of fun choosing which weather stickers they wanted to add to their pictures. They decided to group them together like little families too.

Handprint treesHandprint trees

We’re pretty pleased with how our handprint trees turned out.

It’s not just a fun activity, but a great keepsake as well. I’m tempted to get these framed and put them on my wall to remember how small my children’s hands once were.

What do you think?

Handprint trees, Baker Ross, arts and crafts

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