Hello kitty! A Hello Canvas review

White cat

Look into my eyes.

White catHe looks at me knowingly, his mis-matched eyes gleaming.  Those mesmerising eyes that can penetrate my very being, that know exactly what I’m thinking.

He might only be 7-months-old but he’s no fool.  He has the measure of me and we both know it.  My beautiful white cat with the mis-matched eyes.

My husband worried about how a cat would slot into our family and how we would find the time to care for one properly.  But, he has fitted in seamlessly, like it was always meant to be; like he was destined to become part of the The Brat Race family.  My husband even regards him as our ‘third child’ to a degree and, it has to be said, I’ve never felt so responsible for a living thing before (save my own children of course).

And so it onIy seemed right and proper that, when Hello Canvas offered me a free canvas print to review, that the newest member of my family should get immortalised in that way.

We picked out a recent photo that highlighted his most striking feature – those intelligent, mis-matched eyes – and emailed it across to the company (not how you’re supposed to do it as a customer but it did make the process very easy!).  My delivery arrived quickly – in a matter of days – and I was struck by the size of the parcel.  I tore open the cardboard box, slid out the canvas…and did a double take.  Staring back at me were the biggest, memorising pair of eyes I have ever seen.

“I have the measure of you,” they said to me knowingly.  “Look into my eyes.  I know what you’re thinking.”

I couldn’t help but stare.  Neither could my husband.  Or children.  Or in-laws.  It was almost hypnotic.  The perfect picture of our perfect (well, most of the time) feline family member.

We’re all impressed with how the photograph has been translated onto canvas.  The colours are steadfast, not muted in any way, and details within the image remain sharp.  The canvas measures 20 x 28 inches, which is a good size, and the finish of the product is high quality.  This size of canvas would typically cost around £34 from the Hello Canvas website but is currently being offered at a special price of £25, which I consider to be very reasonable indeed.  Great value for money.

Hello Canvas Collage

My hallway is starting to resemble a ‘who’s who’ of the The Brat Race household; Olivia; me and William; and now my beautiful white cat with those amazing mis-matched eyes.

Hello kitty.  You are now officially one of the family (although you know you have been since the day you arrived).  And we will hold you forever in our hearts.

Please note: I was provided with a canvas from Hello Canvas free of charge in return for this review.  All opinions are, as always, ten0% honest and my own.


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