Summer shorts for my shortie

House of Fraser, review

Some casual summer style with House of Fraser.

It doesn’t seem that long ago that my children and I started ‘operation springtime‘ because we were so fed up of the seemingly never-ending winter weather.

That was actually just over 3 months ago now. Since that post, not only did spring arrive (eventually!), but summer is now knocking on the door.

It feels like the time is going far too quickly at the moment and I’m hardly prepared for it. It’s a bittersweet experience as I rejoice in seeing my children accomplish more each day and I enjoy the people they are becoming, but I’m also wistful of those oh-so-long-ago baby days.

They’re also burning a small hole in my pocket.

Summer clothes that fitted them well a couple of years ago are not quite so comfortable for them now. It’s been most obvious for William who has had to wave goodbye to a few pairs of well-loved shorts.

Thankfully, his shorts collection didn’t remain depleted for too long: House of Fraser kindly sent me a pair of Lyle and Scott classic jogger shorts for William.

He promptly headed outdoors and put them into action.

Child with Swing

Children Messing About on Swings

Child on Ladder

Children in Treehouse

These shorts are a size 3-4 years and, as you can see, there’s lots of room in them for my four-year-old. They are made from the same material as jogging bottoms so are very malleable and comfortable. They’re also super soft, perfect for a child’s delicate skin.

Child Sitting in Treehouse

The shorts are listed on the House of Fraser website as ‘boy’s shorts’ although I don’t see why a girl couldn’t wear these too. They tick such a lot of boxes for children who want to run around and play.

And William’s verdict on these shorts? He loves them. He’s a huge fan of casual clothing (not so great when you have to get ready for, say, a wedding) and I think they might even be his new favourite pair. They don’t restrict his movement like some shorts with more rigid material can sometimes do, and he adores how they feel.

Thanks to House of Fraser for sending us these shorts to review.


  1. I really like the look of these they are simple and practical which is usually what im looking for in summer clothes for James as hes always running around outside in the summer!

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