Operation Springtime;: putting some Spring (style) into our step

House of Fraser spring fashion

Cheering up drab winter days with some House of Fraser Spring fashion.

I don’t know about you, but it feels like winter has been going on for ages.

It’s been so cold for so long, I almost feel like I’m in Narnia.

I know that February is still technically winter, but it’s been a good few years since we’ve had snowfall at this time of year.

We’re SO over the snow now. All the recent talk about it got us excited. It’s been about 2 years since we had any proper snow and we still have an unused sled in our garage. But despite all the talk, the snow hasn’t come. Not to us.

I don’t mind it being cold when it’s Christmas and I don’t mind it being cold if there’s the promise of a fun snow day.

But if there isn’t Christmas or snow to look forward to, I’d rather we just skip straight to Spring.

It’s a sentiment that I’m pretty sure my children share. It’s why we’ve decided to start ‘Operation Springtime’.

Our thinking is that if we start acting like it’s Spring, perhaps Mother Nature will take the hint and warm things up a bit.

We started to put our plan into action last weekend. Step one involved us shunning our jumpers and thermals (my children seem to be warm-blooded, preferring t-shirts regardless of the time of year), in favour of these cute outfits from House of Fraser.

House of Fraser spring fashion for children

William is dressed in a Mango Boys grey American boy t-shirt and yarn dyed check cargo pants by Pumpkin Patch. I love how comfortable and relaxed he looks in his clothes.

Meanwhile, Olivia’s red tie waist dress by Uttam is so pretty. You can’t see it very well in the photographs, but there are sequins stitched into the roses, which sparkle and glint in the sunlight.

Once we were dressed for the part, we decided to head to the park to get some fresh air and have a good play. I had visions of them playing happily in their pretty spring clothes while I practiced my photography; both parts combining to create a fun, natural photoshoot.

Bundling ourselves up into our warm, padded, winter coats, we stepped outside and started on our walk.

But as is typical, it started to lightly rain on our way there. Olivia and William insisted on continuing to the park.

Then the rain turned to snow. Olivia and William insisted on continuing on our way.

Then the snow started to fall more heavily. By now we had arrived at the park and Olivia and William were insistent that they wanted to play. As you can imagine, it wasn’t the fun outing we thought it would be – the snow wasn’t sticking around and just made everything wet and cold, including us.

I finally managed to persuade them to head home and once indoors, they eagerly stripped off their winter apparel. There was only one way they wanted to warm up and relax after that…

House of Fraser spring fashion

House of Fraser spring fashion

House of Fraser spring fashion

It wasn’t quite the photoshoot that I had in mind. What do they say about never working with children or animals? They should add ‘the weather’ to that as well.

But while the weather outside may still be frightful, at least these outfits are so delightful. The materials for all the clothes are soft, pliable and comfortable. I’ve already decided that these will be the perfect outfits for my children to fly in when we travel to Florida for our first foreign family holiday in a few months time so expect to see more photos of these clothes ‘in action’.

Thanks to House of Fraser for sending us these outfits to review.


  1. Ooooo I love House Of Fraser! I did a home piece on them a little while ago and I’m slightly obsessed with them now.
    Their kids clothes are so cute too – Dexter and Sophia look super stylish, great clothing choices hun.

    Charlotte x

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