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I like to think we’re an active family.

We’re not the most active, not by a long chalk, and it can sometimes be hard to get out of the house because my husband’s long and random working hours can dictate when we can use the car at weekends. But, I like to try and get Olivia and William into the great outdoors when I can.

We’ve had some wonderful outdoor adventures this summer, such as spending time at the park, going to the seaside, exploring the local nature reserve and even splashing in muddy puddles.

The thing is that it’s so much easier to do all of these things when it’s warm and sunny. Once winter begins to show itself, it’s much harder to persuade my children to swap their warm and cosy home for a cold and frosty wind.

The changing of the seasons has coincided with my children getting more interested in their game apps on the family iPad. I totally get it – who wouldn’t want to ‘hibernate’ when it gets cold and dark?

Trouble is that I don’t want my children to sit around all day. I want them to be up and doing things.

Keeping busy.

They need to a way to burn off their excess energy, for my sanity come the end of the day if nothing else.

Keeping children active in winter sure can be hard sometimes.

LeapTV: an alternative way to stay active.

The popular children’s educational and technology brand, LeapFrog, have developed something new that could be just the thing for my 2.

The LeapTV video game console.

The idea behind the console is to encourage learning and get children moving at the same time.

It’s aimed at children aged between 3 and 8-years-old and its games look like a lot of fun while also being educational.

The LeapFrog LeapTV’s normal price tag is a fairly hefty £119.99, but I’d suggest shopping around before you buy as some retailers are currently selling it for slightly less. You can buy games for about £25.

Strictly TV presenter, Tess Daly, is backing the product and it’s great to see how much fun children and parents can have together with it.

Keeping children active in winter

It’s enough to make me want one.

I have a feeling that it’d be something that we’d all want to have a go at. I love things where the whole family can get involved and we can have a great time together, laughing and being silly.

Keeping children active in winter, Tess Daly, LeapTV

What do you like to do when it comes to keeping children active in winter?

Please note: prices correct at time of publishing this post.