Play…the au naturel way.

In this era of technological advances, where everything seems to need or have flashy, whizzy lights/sounds/actions etc. (and yes, I do believe that is the official techie term for it), there is something to be said for getting back to basics.

I’ve written before about how the simple things can mean so much and, while I wrote that post in a different context to what I’m rambling on about now, the concept remains the same (well, to me it is at any rate).

Take toys for example.  My children have some great electronic toys but they don’t always hold their attention for too long.  Sometimes it can be more basic items that achieve that instead (cardboard box anyone?!).  Again, it’s those simple things.

Melissa and Doug Fold and Go Wooden Dolls HouseHowever, I admit to feeling reluctant when it comes to buying these sorts of toys.  ‘Will it hold Olivia and William’s attention?  Or will they only be interested for 5 minutes before throwing it on the scrapheap in favour of something more ‘modern’?  I was able to put this to the test recently, having been sent a wooden dolls house to review.

The Melissa and Doug Fold and Go Wooden Dolls House – which is part of the range of wooden dolls houses from – does exactly what it says on the tin; it’s a portable wooden toy.  It comes with 2 wooden figures and 11 pieces of wooden furniture which allows children to play with it ‘straight out of the box’.  From a parent’s perspective it’s a relief that you don’t have to pay out more to furnish the house.

Melissa and Doug Fold and Go Wooden Dolls House from

Melissa and Doug Fold and Go Wooden Dolls House from house. comes ready-made.  Again, another plus point for parents as there’s no faffing around with tools.  It’s sturdy and the furniture and figures chunky.  Aimed at children aged 3-years and above, it is perfect for small hands.  Both of my children, but especially William, enjoy playing with this toy.

One thing to be aware of is that there is no catch of any kind to hold the dolls house together when not in play or carrying it around.  This isn’t really a problem because you can close the house by pushing the 2 sides of the house together or, if you’re carrying it, the house should stay closed by the virtue that you’re using the 2 carry handles.  However, I think it’s always good to know about such things.

All in all, there is certainly something to be said for simpler toys encouraging creativity; children need to use their imagination to make the toys ‘come alive’ and that can only be a good thing.  Normally priced at just under £35 it is a reasonable buy, making for a great ‘au naturel’ travel toy or first dolls house.

Please note: I was sent the fold and Go Dolls House free of charge for the purpose of this review.  All opinions are, as always, ten0% honest.