Muddy Puddles Pac-a-Mac raincoats: brightening up rainy days

Muddy Puddles, Puddle Pac--mac, collage, raincoat

Staying dry even when it’s wet.

If there’s one thing about living in the UK, it’s that you cannot guarantee good weather. Even with summer edging its way towards you, those rain clouds or gusty winds can still sneak up on you, as this month has so effortlessly shown.

It’s been warm, but it’s also been wet, gloomy and frustrating. Frustrating because the nice weather at the start of the month led me to prematurely packing away all the winter waterproofs.

Frustrating because William’s new jacket of choice is decidedly not waterproof.

Frustrating because William doesn’t care that his jacket of choice is not waterproof and wants to wear it whatever the weather.

Frustrating because William will throw a tantrum until he gets to wear his jacket of choice, will wear it outside in the rain, get wet and then get miserable and grumpy.

Thankfully, Olivia is more than happy to head outdoors in her fabulous purple H&M nylon jacket and I’ve been encouraging William to follow her lead with this funky yellow and blue Puddle Pac-a-Mac from Muddy Puddles.

Muddy Puddles, raincoat, review

Nice, no?

I was sent the mac for William to try out and it couldn’t have come at a better time, arriving more or less as the heavens began to open.

The raincoat itself is made of ten0% nylon and is, as you would obviously expect, waterproof.

Size-wise, the Pac-a-Mac was a little big (I received a size 3-4 yrs in line with William’s age). I didn’t mind though because it allows room for layers of clothes to be worn underneath and my son will grow into it, which will mean it should hopefully last longer.

The Muddy Puddles website proudly declares that its Puddle Pac-a-Mac range is “very lightw8” and 50% lighter than another of its ranges. While it does feel quite flimsy to the touch, it is actually a durable jacket. The lightw8 material means that it doesn’t weigh your child down and makes it easy to fold the mac away into its own pocket (a great storage idea when you need to take it somewhere but don’t need to wear it straight away).

And I really like how bright the Muddy Puddles Pac-a-Mac is. Who says that raincoats should be gloomy to match the weather?

Muddy Puddles, Puddle Pac--mac, collage, raincoat

Please note: The Puddle Pac-a-Mac retails for £20 on the Muddy Puddles website. I was sent the yellow and blue Puddle Pac-a-mac in a size 3-4 yrs for free in return for this review. All opinions are my own and are ten0% honest.


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