Watch out – Bratz are back!

As a youngster, and as a girl especially, there was a time when dolls were an inevitable part of my childhood.

From Tiny Tears to Cabbage Patch Kids and then to Barbie dolls, I played with them all. My mum particularly likes to recall how she walked into my room once to find a naked Barbie on top of a naked Ken with me giggling to myself. I think I was about 7 years old at the time.

With her tiny waist, delicate features and busty bosom, Barbie’s faced a lot of criticism over the years for imprinting an impossible beauty ideal onto young, impressionable girls.

So it was quite refreshing when another kind of doll eventually burst onto the scene – Bratz.

Bratz characters, new Bratz dolls range

The four dolls  – Cloe, Jade, Sasha and Yasmin – are girls with attitude. Yes, there is a focus on fashion, but they come across as more urban and streetwise than their competitors.

This multicultural collection of dolls also reinforces the importance of friendship. Together, they are another embodiment of ‘girl power’.

Originally introduced in 2001, the Bratz collection’s been relaunched this year. A new character – Raya – has joined the original ‘fab four’, and there’s a host of new products and accessories too. I was invited along to an event the other week to check them out.

Bratz dolls collection
Images credit: Simon Jenkins.

There are four different Bratz ranges to choose from:

  • Bratz Hello My Name Is™. This is the simplest of the four ranges. Each Bratz comes with an iconic outfit that showcases their individual personalities along with a number of accessories.
  • Bratz #SelfieSnaps™Each doll comes with tech-inspired accessories, their own smartphone and 2 phone cases. There’s even a photo booth you can buy, which incorporates your smartphone so that you can take fun shots of the Bratz dolls.
  • BratzFierce Fitness™. This range of Bratz dolls showcases each one’s healthy hobbies from running and hiking to yoga. It’s nice to see a toy range actively promoting exercise and sport.
  • Bratz Study Abroad. Let Bratz introduce your children to different countries around the world. Each doll adopts the culture’s traditional fashion and styles those unique elements into their own wardrobe.
  • Bratz #SnowKissed. There’s still lots of fun to be had when winter arrives. Each Bratz comes ready to hit the slopes in stylish snow gear including an après ski outfit, hot cocoa mug and a sticker sheet to customisetheir snowboards, sleds or skis. There’s also a winter lodge playset.

As I’ve mentioned, the dolls also come with lots of accessories. As well as the #SelfieSnaps photo booth, you can also buy a remote control car to sit the dolls in or pamper them at the ‘Sleepover Spa and Hair Studio’. Bratz photo booth, Bratz collection

Bratz Sleepover Spa, Bratz collection

You can also customise each Bratz doll with different fashion accessories.

Bratz boots, Bratz collection

The Bratz dolls range in price from 14.99 up to 32.99. Other products, such as the lodge or car, may cost more.

The Bratz collection is available now at Argos and from other retailers from 31 August. You can also visit the Bratz website for more information.