New Year resolutions: which habits will you be kicking into touch?

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Put the boot into bad habits this new year.

So that’s it. Christmas is over for another year. Let’s raise a glass to the end of 2013 and the start of 2014.

For me, the new year always heralds a new beginning. It’s an exciting time and a chance for all of us to wipe the metaphorical slate clean and ‘go for it’, whatever that ‘it’ may be for each of us. As the dawn of a new year rises, endless possibilities await us. We can make of it what we will.

Kick My Habits Interactive Tool from Leeds Building Society

The one thing I’m not overly fond of though is New Year resolutions. For some it can be a great way to kick your habits, but I must make mine too complicated or overly ambitious because I can never seem to stick to them. Either that or I have no willpower.

What I actually find useful is to see some sort of tangible benefit so that I know there’s a point to giving something up. Being part of a family that tries to be as careful as possible with money, it’s always useful to see how much I could save by giving up something that’s become a habit (as well as any health benefits obviously) and helps to spur me on.

According to Leeds Building Society, I could save more than £1,000 per year if I quit weekly takeaways and lunches out. Now that’s an eye-opener. What’s even better is that they say that money would make me an extra £19.73 if it was put into a savings account. That is definitely something I can get on board with! I never realised that it could be so lucrative to kick your habits.

What will you be giving up this new year?

Please note: This post has been commissioned by Leeds Building Society

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