The Nicpic backpack: the ultimate picnic accessory?

Nicpic picnic backpack

A review of the Nicpic picnic backpack by Trespass.

As a family who loves outdoor adventures, there is one thing that we have struggled with – finding a decent picnic bag.

I have a couple of traditional wicker baskets stored in my garage, but they don’t help keep any food or drink cold. We also have a cool box, but it’s hardly convenient when we’re running around the local nature reserves or exploring wildlife trails.

What I ideally want is something that I can transport easily when we’re on the go. Something that I can wear so that my hands are free for holding onto my children when we travel.

So when outdoor adventure company, Trespass approached me to review one of their products and I saw a backpack specially designed for picnics on their website, I had to give it a try.


The Nicpic 4 person picnic backpack

Made with polyester, the Nicpic picnic backpack comes complete with enough cutlery, plates, plastic glasses and napkins for four people.

The cutlery and crockery are stored in a special compartment at the front with pockets and straps so that everything is kept in place.

There’s also a cool bag section for storing your picnic food.

We’d been itching to try this bag out since it arrived last month. Our June weekends were already full what with one thing or another, so it wasn’t until recently that we had enough free time to put the backpack through its paces.

We had our outdoor adventure all planned out for last Sunday. We would go to a National Trust site for a nature walk and have our picnic at the end. We would make a video and have lots of fun.

Unfortunately, it began to rain on Sunday morning and didn’t stop. Typical!

Undeterred, we decided that we’d still have our picnic, but it’d have to be inside rather than outdoors.

We packed the Nicpic bag with a variety of snacks and delicious treats. I discovered that the cool bag section is a little like a tardis – deceptively spacious. I managed to pack a lot of food and a blanket into it.

Nicpic picnic backpack

Because we had originally planned on taking this backpack on a walk, Olivia insisted on us re-enacting our walk as best we could before we ate. So, I flung the fully packed bag onto my back and we proceeded to ramble through our house, upstairs and downstairs.

I was delighted to discover that the backpack is relatively light even when full. My first impression is that this is a bag designed for all-day adventures and I will be thoroughly testing this theory during the summer.

Finally, we came to our picnic spot (the living room rug) and settled ourselves down for lunch.

Indoor picnic, Nicpic picnic backpack

Nicpic picnic backpack

Indoor picnic, Nicpic picnic backpack

Although I haven’t been able to test the Nicpic backpack in the great outdoors yet (something I will be changing in the very near future), but I’m already certain that this is pretty much my ideal picnic bag.

It holds a good amount of food, comes with its own cutlery and crockery and it’s not cumbersome to carry. Being a backpack, it means that my hands are kept free to hold onto my children when crossing roads or in busy places.

This Nicpic picnic backpack is definitely going to be featuring a lot during our summer. I’m already set on taking it with us when we visit my family in a few weeks time and I’m positive it will be making a number of cameos in a host of videos about our days out.

I wish I had discovered it sooner.

Please note: I was sent the Nicpic picnic backpack by the outdoor company Trespass for free to review. All words, thoughts and opinions are mine and are ten0% honest.


  1. I love a good picnic and I especially love indoor picnics, they are great fun! The backpack is a great alternative to a picnic basket, which at times can be quite impractical.

    Great review!

  2. We have one of these backpacks and it is incredibly useful when out and about! We went to a local festival last weekend and took ours with our food and camping chairs etc – having it in a backpack format makes it a lot easier to carry round – especially when there’s all the other items to carry too!!

  3. What a terrific picnic pack – I agree about the baskets. They look great, but you then need other bags/accessories to keep everything cold (or warm). This looks far more practical

  4. We love a picnic! We have several picnic bags and baskets that we use. What can i say? I’m addicted! I love how you describe it as the TARDIS! To get a blanket and the food in there is fab!

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