Looking pretty in pink… and blue

Baker by Ted Baker

A bright splash of colour for a bright little girl.

In my last style revolution post I mentioned that Olivia wore a cerise tunic and navy stretch leggings to the River Island Willy Wonka Easter event last week. Well, it is such a lovely outfit – completely chosen by Olivia of course – that I thought it was worth a proper mention.

It was a few months ago, just after Christmas, when we came across this particular outfit in Debenhams. Olivia spotted it hanging on a clothes rail next to seemingly hundreds of other clothes. She fell in love with it straight away and how could you not?

Baker by Ted Baker, pretty in pink and blue

I think she looks pretty in pink… and blue (well, cerise and navy, but who’s keeping score?). Of course I may be slightly biased…

The top is a floaty, bright tunic with a pleated chiffon overlay and satin lining. The sequins around the neck of the tunic glisten in the light and succeed in drawing your eye. It is a bright companion to the navy stretch leggings, complimenting them perfectly.

Both items of clothing are from the Baker by Ted Baker children’s range at Debenhams.

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