Why my children rock my world.

Last October I wrote a post about the ten things I miss about life before motherhood. It was all true of course (I wouldn’t publish anything that wasn’t), but I couldn’t help but feel that it did a little disservice to my life as a mother. I love being a mum after all and wouldn’t change anything for the world.

So, to balance things out, here’s my list of reasons why young children are awesome and why my 2 (aged 4 and 2 respectively) totally rock my world:

Reasons why Children are Awesome

  1. You get to play with tons of kids’ toys without people thinking you’re weird.
  2. You get to relive your childhood and introduce your children to everything you used to love.
  3. You can be as silly as you like with them. The sillier the better in fact so cast off those inhibitions!
  4. They laugh at your jokes, no matter how lame (I’m sure this is a different story the older they get though).
  5. They will give you an honest answer.
  6. Their smiles can light up rooms and instantly make you feel better.
  7. They will surprise you every day, even in the smallest ways.
  8. Their exuberance for life is infectious.
  9. They find light and humour wherever they look.
  10. Their innocence is refreshing.
  11. Their inquisitive minds can be startling.
  12. They accept you as you are.
  13. They love you without exception.
  14. They accept what you say as fact.
  15. They see you as their rock. A superhero who can do anything.
  16. They make you strive to become the best person you can be.
  17. You will appreciate time alone (on your own and with your partner) instead of taking it for granted.
  18. They are miracles of nature (you made them, physically made them. That’s amazing!).
  19. They will become some of your best friends.
  20. No matter how old they get, they will always need you.

Whenever I’ve had a difficult day, or one filled with tears or tantrums, all I need to do is think about some of the things from this list and I know that however hard this parenting lark is, it’s totally worth it.

How about you?