Are you a Cbeebies addict?

One thing that I had absolutely no idea about before I had my first child, but which would prove to become a staple requirement in my household, was the existence of children’s TV channel, CBeebies.

I stumbled upon it quite by accident one day. Despite my daughter only being days old, I knew that its jingles and children’s shows would come in useful. It proved to be true – in the months that followed, my daughter began to recognise some of the tunes and the Teletubbies theme tune in particular would help to soothe her and make her smile.

From that point onwards, CBeebies tends to play almost every day in my home. We’re like old friends now, that’s how familiar it feels. Recently though, I’ve begun to worry if I – not my daughter, not my son, but me – might be watching a little too much CBeebies.

How about you? Do you have CBeebies on in your home almost constantly when your children are at home?

Here are some signs that us adults might be watching too much CBeebies:

  1. Someone asks you which band you like and, without even thinking about it, you reply, “Zingzillas”.
  2. You see Justin Fletcher everywhere. Even in your sleep.
  3. You only know when spring/summer/autumn/winter is officially over because Cbeebies changes its seasonal song.
  4. You fancy Mr Bloom.
  5. You have some building work that needs doing and you wonder first of all if Bob the Builder would be available.
  6. You look forward to showing off your ‘groovy moves’.
  7. When you watch In the Night Garden, you can sing all the right words to each individual character’s song without needing subtitles.
  8. You have Cbeebies broadcasting on your television and the children aren’t even home.
  9. You have all the toys!

CBeebies toys, watching too much CBeebies

Is there anything else I’ve missed? How do you know when you’re watching too much CBeebies? Feel free to comment and add to the list!