Celebrating those special dad moments this Father's Day

father and daughter

What moments with your father do you treasure most?

In the run-up to Father’s Day on Sunday, a new study has shown that a lot of people don’t think society values the role that fathers play in raising their children.

Whether that’s true or not, dads definitely play a special part in family life. It’s a different relationship to the one that children have with their mothers, but it is just as important.

I have many special memories of moments that my father and I shared as I grew up:

  • Like the times he would bury my sister and I up to our waists in sand when we went to the beach.
  • Like the time he got me into my first 12 certificate film when I was only ten-years-old.
  • Like the time when I badgered him to go on a ghost train ride and he held me tight when I got scared.
  • Like all the times we would go bike riding together and race each other around the country lanes.
  • Like the time I went on his motorbike with him and melted the sole of my Doc Martens by accident.
  • Like the time he walked me down the aisle.

He could be fun (still is). He could be silly (definitely still is). We shared interests (still do). And laughs (definitely still do). As I grew up, there were times when we clashed. Of course there were. But it all helped to shape who I am now. I hope my dad is proud of his part in that.

And as I look through that list, I’m struck by what I treasure the most. My parents worked hard to provide for me and my siblings, but it’s the quality time with my dad that I value, not the gifts that he might have bought for us.

father and daughter
A photo of my dad and I from just over ten years ago – where does the time go?

It got me wondering about my own children and what they enjoy the most about their own father, my husband. I asked Olivia about it earlier this week as we walked home from school together.

“I love his cuddles the most,” she told me without much hesitation.

“Why?” I enquired.

“Because they’re big and they make me happy,” she said.

I smiled. There’s just something about a cuddle from your dad to make you feel secure and safe. A mother’s hug might make you feel loved, but it doesn’t quite have the same protective feel about it as one from your father.

I don’t think it’s easy being a dad. I know my husband can feel left out when my children instinctively turn to me to read them a book, hold their hand, sort out a problem, or when they hurt themselves or are unwell.

But he can rest assured that our 5-year-old needs him. And her 3-year-old brother needs him. They need him to be silly; to sing funny songs and tell awful jokes; to make fun of me when I’m being too serious; and above all, they need his big, warm bear hugs.

And that’s not going to change any time soon. I still like the odd hug from my dad every now and again.

A hand-made Father's Day card
What moments with your father do you treasure the most?


  1. i can only treasure those moments which i remember till i was 8 as my dad passed away 20 years ago, unfortunately my child memory is not so good, but at least i have his picture always looking at me and reminding me about him

  2. I love dads! I did a little post a while back about the male role models in Reuben’s life because somehow that week I had managed to take 5 seperate photos with some of the males in his life, including my Grandad who lives miles away – so I took a moment to be thankful. I think for me, the thing I like most about my dad is honesty. He won’t sugar coat things! So, when i do something that he’s proud of, I get such a sense of achievement because I know it’s real. Do you know what I mean by that? Anyway, lovely post 😀 xxx

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