Time for a style (r)evolution

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Getting stylishly confident.

As both of my children get older, I can see how they changing. They’re getting taller. Their speech and writing skills are developing at a staggering rate. They are generally getting more amazing every single day.

One thing I love is seeing them get more confident in themselves. Both Olivia and William are becoming increasingly vocal and eloquent in the way they express their thoughts and opinions. They are 2 children who certainly know their own minds.

And they’re finding that it’s not the only way that they can express themselves. They’re increasingly reflecting their personalities through the medium that is fashion. Forget a style revolution, there’s a real style evolution going on!

I love how Olivia’s style is growing and developing as she gets older. She’s starting to get her own ideas about the type of clothes she likes and seems to have a natural eye for accessorising and mixing and matching her clothes to make fabulous outfits. I’m rather envious if truth be told!

style evolution

And as William gets older, he has also started to take an interest in the clothes he wears.

style evolution

Style is an ever-evolving thing. I know that my own fashion sense has come a long way from the days of baggy t-shirts and multi-coloured dungarees in my pre and early teens (please don’t judge!). I like to think that it continues to develop even now. My own style is much more refined nowadays than it was in my teens or 20s.

But back to my children. I love recording how their individual style is developing and evolving as they get older. This is why I have decided to introduce a new, weekly style feature to this blog. Every Friday, I’ll be publishing a post all about my children’s evolving fashion sense: from clothes and accessories to footwear and even ways that Olivia likes to wear her hair. Who knows, perhaps now and again you may get something about me too.

(Bloggers: if you like the sound of this and would like to write your own ‘style evolution’ posts, let me know. It would be amazing if others wanted to join in and I’d be happy to turn it into a linky.)


  1. You are so right that children develop their own fashion sense. Having all boys I did think I would be able to hand clothes down through all of them, this does work for some things but I hadn’t bargained for how different the boys’ tastes would be and how this fashion sense would evolve from a very early age. I think it’s lovely that you are allowing your children the freedom to develop their own style-good for you!

    1. It would be so much cheaper if they all liked the same things (although it wouldn’t quite work for me considering I have a boy and girl!). I love seeing how children choose to show their personalities and obviously style is one way they can do that. I don’t want Sophia or Dexter to become fixated on fashion, but I am interested in seeing how their taste in clothes develop and the fun that they have experimenting with them.

    1. Thank you. I felt I wasn’t recording enough of my children’s development so I thought this would be a fun way to do it. Hopefully they will agree!

  2. I can relate to this Laura – Kitty is growing fast and suddenly seems like a lot older, and taller! She’s still choosing her clothes each morning but she’s gone from wanting red welly boots, shorts and a jumper and the crazy younger kids style to more sensible gear. Lovely idea for documenting their changes 🙂

    1. I can’t believe how quickly Sophia is growing and her sense of style is something that really makes me see that. She’s even started asking me if I can braid her hair at night so that it’s wavy the next morning – I have no idea where she’s got that idea from!

  3. I still can’t trust me eldest to dress herself (she’s 3) the last time I let her go choose her own she chose a green flowery t-shirt, pink Peppa Pig knickers and a pair of Christmas fluffy slipper socks. This was for a trip to town. As much as I give her her choices I don’t think she would forgive me for posting photos of her outift choices yet! lol lovely idea though! I can’t wait until my two can show me what they like and choose their own styles.

    1. Awww. In some ways it’s a shame when they grow out of that stage. I’ve got photographs of some of those instances though – I’m sure they’ll come out when I meet boyfriends and girlfriends in the future!

  4. Oh this sounds like a lovely idea as well as providing plenty of embarrassing moments to show future partners or at 18th birthday parties! 😉 I would love to say I will join in but Harry’s style is mostly “Pants only” unless I get him dressed!

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