Style with attitude

style with attitude

“Like my style? Am I bothered?”

William is becoming a real cheeky chappy. He knows his own mind and he’s not afraid to express his opinions, especially if he disagrees with you.

He has a great little personality: for the most part he’s laid-back, happy, funny, and energetic. But, he does have some ‘diva’ moments from time-to-time, like all children his age. He is 3-years-old after all and I am expecting a full-on ‘3nager’ to emerge at some point this year.

A couple of weeks ago I found the best print t-shirt that reflects his personality and suits him down to the ground right now.

Style with attitude

It’s a real ‘statement’ t-shirt and I love how it mixes style with attitude. William seems to like it too…

Style with a smile, style with attitude
Style with laughter
Style with happiness

This white ‘whatever’ print t-shirt is available to buy from River Island for £6.

Do you like statement print t-shirts like this? Do you or your children like to mix style with attitude too?

Please note: I bought this print t-shirt using a gift card given to me by River Island from their recent Willy Wonka Easter event. However, all thoughts, opinions (and facial expressions!) are mine and William’s and are ten0% honest.


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