Now that it’s March and officially the start of Spring, I’ve already started looking forward to warmer weather.

I saw daffodils for the first time this week while walking my children to school; not only did that simple sight lift my spirits, but it also got me thinking about getting ready for some much-needed sunshine.

One thing I need to update this year is my summer wardrobe. I tend to live in my jeans when I’m at home with my family as they’re comfy, resilient and versatile, but they’re starting to look a little tatty. I need to get a few new pairs and it’s the perfect excuse to take a look at the different styles available – after all, being a mother doesn’t mean that our interest in fashion and trends has to stop.

Thanks to a little online research, here are 5 ideas on how to style your jeans this summer:


Cropped with an off the shoulder top Style your jeans, denim

Cropped jeans are the perfect cut for the summer.

Skimming the calf, they look great when worn with heeled sandals and an off-the-shoulder top for a casual summer night. It’s a look that can be worn to the local pub garden on a Friday evening or to the poolside bar on holiday.

The cropped jeans from Superdry are pretty cool as they come in a variety of colours, from bright white to khaki.


Moms and bralets Style your jeans, denim

High waisted, baggy Mom jeans are in fashion and, while they don’t sound particularly tantalising to wear, they’re look perfect when paired with a pretty bralet on warm days.

The high waist of the jeans means that you don’t necessarily show off a lot of skin, but you still look stylish in the sunshine.

Finish the look off with some flat sandals and big sunnies and you’ve got a comfy, cool vibe for days out around town or for that excursion on your holiday around the streets of Rhodes.


Skinny with a plain white tee Style your jeans, denim

The simple jeans and t-shirt combo is a go-to look for most of us and works any time of year, but especially summer.

This is one that works for a walk round the park with the dog if it’s a day with mixed weather (which is, of course, pretty much every day in the UK) or for travelling to the airport when it’s time for your family holiday.


Boyfriends and Breton Style your jeans, denim

Striped tees are never going to go out of fashion. There’s something temptingly Parisian about them (well, the Breton stripe was created by Coco Chanel after all) and they look amazing with those slouchy boyfriend jeans that you may have hanging in the wardrobe.

The style of striped tee you opt for is up to you, it could be a strapless cami, a basic t-shirt or a mid length sleeve.

Whatever you choose will look great with a pair of boyfriend jeans, low Vans and a backpack slung over your shoulder for a casual, summertime look that can be worn every day.


Snug with a form fitting body Style your jeans, denim

Bodysuits (bodies) seem to be on trend this year and are perfect if you’re the type who likes the tucked-in look when it comes to tops.

A grey body is proving particularly popular with the fashionistas online – a cropped sleeved style paired with fitted black jeans and heels is the perfect look for summer nights indulging in cocktails and laughs with the girls.


So there you go! There’s no need to neglect our jeans this summer when picking out your everyday outfits. Denim is a fairly breathable fabric so can be easily worn on those warm summer days and it means you don’t have to put your favourite jeans in your winter pile!

Please note: this past has been written in collaboration with Jessica Foreman on behalf of Superdry. All images in this post belong to Superdry and are reproduced here with permission.

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