Looking back at how we staved off boredom during the summer.

With children now back at school, a collective sigh of relief can be heard across the country, if you listen hard enough.

Whether you stay at home with your children or go to work, the 6-week summer holiday from school can be stressful for every parent, with pressure to constantly entertain and think up fun things to do.

‘How do I get my children out of bed in the mornings?’, ‘How can I get them away from the TV or off the computer?’, ‘How do I stop my children from getting bored?’, ‘What things can we do to have fun together as a family?’, ‘Where on earth has their bedtime routine gone??’.

Back in July I shared ten summer activities for kids that won’t break the bank. Although we didn’t try all of these ideas, it was certainly good inspiration.

And despite me working a lot during the summer, we actually managed to fit in an awful lot of fun.

We visited the Science Museum in London.

And went swimming.

We took a trip to LolliBop for the first time.

We also paid a visit to our local farm.

And enjoyed a bit of ‘park life‘.

Summer holiday highlights, days out

We braved soft play.

Had a disco in our kitchen.

And even made a splash when it was raining.

We indulged our creative sides and got crafty with a box of Baker Ross goodies.

We painted.

And made pottery.

We built models with GoldieBlox and learnt about basic engineering concepts along the way.

Summer holiday highlights

We became ‘YogArtists’ and created some fun creations with Total Greek yoghurt and a whole heap of toppings.

And there was the great ice lolly disaster of 2014.

But we did make 5 easy strawberry recipes, which were all a success.

We also enjoyed a stay at Alton Towers.

And visited grandparents. And great-grandparents.

Oh, and we booked our very first foreign family holiday for next year!

How did you manage to survive the 6-week summer holiday from school?

And are you relieved that school is now back in session?

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