“Mummy got booze!”

I don’t drink very much. Ever since I had my children my alcohol tolerance has been at practically zero. And you can’t drink when you’re in charge of little people, not even if they’re being little terrors and you crave a quick hit of hard liquor or gulp of wine to calm your nerves.

No, I don’t drink very much at all.

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But Olivia, my nearly 3-year-old little girl, seems to have a different idea.

This last week has seen my husband, children and I travel from South to North and back again, catching up with family and friends. There wasn’t much drinking involved, but there was the odd glass of wine. And those glasses were only (and slowly) drunk once the children were in bed.

Well, kind of.

Olivia proved difficult to get to bed on occasion. She was excited to be visiting her grandparents and other, new surroundings. She didn’t want to go to bed without Mummy.

One night, I couldn’t get her into bed until tenpm (thankfully the next night she was exhausted and went to sleep without a fuss!). It was that night that my Mum poured me a glass of wine. So I drank it, slowly. Olivia asked what it was so I told her; “booze”.

Olivia thinks booze is funny. It’s my own fault, I’ve brought it on myself. Whenever William’s on the move, he always speeds off to the dining room and the first thing he’s guaranteed to go for is the wine rack. I say to Olivia, “he’s after the booze again!” and she laughs.

So, there I was with my glass of wine. I thought nothing of it. It was the only glass of wine I had on our trip away after all.

When we got home, we had friends over for the evening. My husband opened up a bottle of wine, which they started to drink while I got the children ready for bed. A small glass of wine was poured for me and placed on the coffee table, ready for when the children were in bed. Olivia spotted it and gleefully exclaimed, “it’s booze!”

I laughed and thought nothing of it. She was just having a little fun.

The next morning, she awakes as usual and is brought downstairs for breakfast. We’re sitting around the table when she chirps loudly, “Mummy’s got booze!” and bursts into laughter.

I hadn’t. I had a croissant. And a cup of tea. No alcohol in sight.

“Mummy’s got booze?” I repeat in mock outrage. “I haven’t got any!”

Olivia laughs.

“Mummy’s got more booze! Mummy’s got more booze!”

I can’t wait for her to tell her teachers at Pre-School that one. *Sigh*

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