The Tower of London: tips for a family day out

Introducing my children to some major English history.

Tower of London

A haunted house isn’t the first thing that come to mind when you’re thinking of days out for your children. Then again, the Tower of London isn’t your typical, average haunted house.

Tower of London

Grisly murders and ghostly rumours aside, it’s a centuries old fortress known just as much for its amazing stories and traditions.

Did you know that William the Conqueror built the Tower after he’d seized the throne, to demonstrate his power?

Or that a multitude of exotic beasts were kept there before being moved to what became London Zoo?

Or that legend says that if the 6 Tower Ravens are lost or fly away, the Crown will fall and Britain with it?

My daughter’s learning all about the Tower of London at school this half term so it was perfect timing when offered me some tickets to take my 2 children to the Tower earlier this week.

I was a little worried that William might be a little young to fully appreciate the experience, but we all had a great time. We wandered around the site for hours and enjoyed a packed lunch in the main courtyard. We saw the Crown Jewels, historical armour and statues of exotic animals to name but a few highlights.

What to see when you visit the Tower of London with young children

If you’re visiting the Tower with little children, here are some things I would recommend seeing..

The wall walks.

There is so much history to learn in all of the different towers you walk through and it’s all done in interesting and visual ways. Some of our highlights were:

  • Seeing how a Royal bedroom may have been furnished hundreds of years ago in the Medieval Palace.
  • The Wakefield Tower and its reconstruction of Henry III’s throne.
  • The fighting platform along the East Wall Walk, which recreates the atmosphere of the Tower being defended from attack.
  • The royal beasts exhibition – my 2 little ones couldn’t resist trying out the cage!
  • The graffiti in the Salt Tower.

The White Tower.

This was my daughter’s favourite place, so much so that we had to visit twice! This is where all the historical Armour, gifts from other countries and cannons are displayed. It even has a huge dragon sculpture on one of its top floors. The most interesting part for my children though? The medieval toilet!

The Crown Jewels.

You’ll probably skip through this faster with younger children than you would with older ones, but they’ll still probably like seeing all the glitzy crowns – mine certainly did.

Beauchamp Tower.

With its exhibition about the Tower’s prisoners and Tudor graffiti, is a good starting point in educating your children about some of the people who were held there.

Animal statues.

There are a variety of exotic animal statues dotted around the attraction from monkeys and elephants to polar bears. See if you can find them all!


Thanks to for supplying my children and I with complementary tickets to visit the Tower of London.

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