On the hunt for a new television? Key things to consider

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I have a guilty secret – I’m not mad keen on shopping.  There, I said it.  I know the old cliche is that women love to shop, blah, blah, blah, but I’m afraid that isn’t me.  My husband on the other hand…

I’m sorry but I just can’t meander around a bunch of shops for hours on end, I just get bored.  I’m one of those annoying people who needs to know what I’m out to buy.  And, if I can do a bit of research online beforehand and put together a list of what I need, so much the better.  It just makes things so much easier (and quicker!).

This is especially true when buying complicated technology.  At work, I’ve recently been tasked with finding a suitable television for the office so that the team can stay up-to-date with breaking television news, especially when it’s our stories that are breaking and our spokespeople being interviewed (and no, it’s not a waste of money but an important tool to help the team do its job effectively).  But, I’ve discovered that there’s so much to consider when buying a new television.  So here, in a slight departure from my normal parenting posts, is some advice on what to look for and think about (normal service will be resumed next time).


Couple Watching TV by Ambro on
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The technology behind television has come a long way in recent years, presenting shoppers with quite a selection to choose from.  With the quality of products being so high these days, many of the decisions you’ll have to make on the road to purchase will simply come down to personal preference including:


When widescreen TVs first appeared on the market, everyone was keen to get their hands on the biggest ones in the shop; bigger, it seemed, was always better.

Now that the price on large screens has dropped considerably, more of us are coming to recognise that it is more important for us to choose the correct size for our room, rather than the biggest available.  Don’t rush out straight to the shops – sit down and consider which size would look best in your living room.


One of the things you’ll be paying for when you buy a cutting edge television is connectivity.  This not only refers to the number of HDMI ports, or the number of items you connect by wire to your TV set, but whether your TV encompasses wireless technology.  A smart TV can connect to your Wi-Fi, providing you with streaming services, which you might find removes the need for things like DVD players.

For a run-down of what you’re looking at, check out some Co-operative TV deals online.


You’re probably aware that the biggest development in television technology of recent years is 3D viewing capability.  While you won’t be able to watch the news in 3D just yet, there are an increasing number of 3D films available to buy and watch.

The success of films like Avatar has shown the potential of the technology.  You can expect to see an increase in both the scale and quality of 3D output in the months to come.

Energy efficiency

Whenever you’re looking for a new gadget for the home, energy efficiency should be of utmost importance.  Opting for a model which has a good energy rating will not only save you money on your utility bills, but will help reduce your carbon footprint and the impact you have on the environment, too.


Has that been helpful, given you some food for thought or confused you entirely?  Whatever happened to the days when you just plugged a television into its socket, fiddled with its aerial to get the best reception and enjoyed four channels…?  Not that I’m that old you understand *ahem*.

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