Getting a lie-in is like the holy grail for parents – a mythical thing desired by many, but rarely achieved.

What was once a regular bedfellow in those care-free days before parenthood, it packed its bags and ran for the hills the moment you discovered you were pregnant.


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I know that my situation isn’t helped by my cat who insists at waking me at the crack of dawn because he is hungry (he won’t do this to my husband who is obviously considered to be the head of the household). 

But at least with Dave I can wave him away and he will (eventually) settle down again until a more decent hour.

No, what really doesn’t help is when you put up curtains in your child’s bedroom that, despite complementing the décor nicely, have such thin lining it makes Kate Moss look severely overw8.

It doesn’t matter too much in the winter when darkness descends in the early evening and hangs around until breakfast-time, but in the summer the light inevitably streams through the curtains and into that bedroom, keeping my children awake and playing havoc with their sleeping pattern (and, as a consequence, mine too).

So when Web-Blinds flew to my aid (or rather, an email from them landed in my inbox) to ask if I would review one of their bedroom blinds to see how it affects my sleep, I jumped at the chance.

Blackout blinds: can they help you get a good night’s sleep?

According to the company’s sleep guide, about 1 in 3 of us struggle to get the right amount of sleep leaving us tired, grumpy and in some cases, depressed.

With that in mind, I opted for a blackout blind (of course) and allowed my children to pick the final design. The one they chose – a Twinkle Lilac blackout blind – looked lovely on the website but I worried about how much light it would actually block given its cream background.

I was also worried about the size of the roller blind and how it would fit the bedroom window; my bedroom windows are very wide – nearly 300cm – so I wasn’t sure how stable the blind would be when it’s fixed to either wall. But my fears were unfounded.

After a fast and efficient delivery (despite the fact that the delivery company left my blind in a ‘safe place’ – under my car – but didn’t leave a note which meant I didn’t spot it for a few days), we fitted the blind and it looked fantastic, matching the rest of the decor perfectly.

Web-Blinds Backout Roller Blind Collage, blackout blinds

Blackout blind for children from Web-Blinds, blackout blinds

The blind also came with a short cord and a child safety device to avoid any potentially deadly accidents involving loose blind cords and young children. That was extremely reassuring.

As for whether or not it would block out enough light to keep Olivia and William in bed? I needn’t have worried.

Web-Blinds Blackout Blind Collage, blackout blinds

So how has this blind affected our sleep? It’s worked a treat. These days, the only problem I have is getting my children out of bed in the morning!

Please note that I was sent the blackout roller blind by Wed-Blinds for the purpose of this review. However, this has not affected the review in any way and all words and opinions are 100% honest and all mine.