Don’t you just hate it when work takes you away from things you value the most?

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You may have noticed that I’ve been a bit on the quiet side recently.  It’s felt peculiar not posting anything on this blog for a whole week.  I wish I could say I’ve been off living the high life with my family, gallivanting with high society or having wild adventures.   Sadly it’s none of those things. I’ve been working, plain and simple.  Working long days, sometimes 12-hours long, and it’s taken me away from the things – mainly people – that I love the most.

I work in PR and there are times when I work on press launches.  These involve organising a press conference, booking venues, writing briefing documents, advising spokespeople, ‘selling in’ the story to the relevant journalists etc.  It invariably involves a lot of time, effort, work and stress.  My most recent press launch was held earlier this week and saw me having to become single-minded in my work focus and working long hours to get the job done.

Although there is always an immense sense of satisfaction and pride when it all goes well, it doesn’t thrill me like it used to.  That’s because I know it’s come at the expense of time with my children and if there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s having my precious time at home being stolen from me.

It’s funny how my outlook has changed since having a family.  Before I became a mother, I was dedicated to my job and would happy work above and beyond what was expected of me because I wanted to impress and make my mark on the world.  But now, as a mother, I realise that I have made my mark on the world.  I have borne 2 children who I am immensely proud of and would do anything for.  It’s not my job that defines me anymore, it’s my family.

I work to live and provide for my family.  I don’t live to work.  And that’s why I don’t enjoy putting in these long hours anymore.  At the start of this week I was leaving for work before one or both of my children were awake and coming home just as they were getting ready for bed.  That sucks.

Thankfully, the press launch has happened.  It went well, which is a great relief.  But, the greatest relief of all is knowing that I can claim my life back.  I have spent today working from home; enjoying waking up with my children; seeing my daughter in her first ever Nativity play; helping her bake cupcakes; making their dinner; playing and laughing with them; putting them to bed; reading them a bedtime story.  Now that’s what important.  God, I’ve missed it.