A winter shopping statement and some movie-watching with Matalan

Matalan Autumn/Winter Clothing Range for 2013

Oh the weather outside is frightful… time to make a winter statement.

Matalan Autum/Winter Collection for 2013As I sit here typing, I can hear the wind blowing gaily outside in an almost sing-song way. The gentle pitter-patter of rain against the windows continues apace, as it has for most of the day. I am grateful to be sitting indoors with the heating on low and the fire emitting its warm orange glow while I tap away on my computer, hunting out some winter shopping bargains now the weather is turning colder.

My credit card is being flexed like never before – I swear it’s going to be aching in the morning, it hasn’t had this much exercise for quite a while – and I blame Matalan. In a good way though. The lovely people at the clothing company invited me to an event showcasing their new Autumn and Winter essentials a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been waiting for an excuse to spend a bit of cash after what I saw.

It was a fabulous day out for me, Olivia and William. We rocked up at the impressive Bulgari Hotel in Knightsbridge for the event, having travelled via taxi and seen a giant racing snail zooming around a roundabout right by Buckingham Palace (no word of a lie!). A number of other bloggers and their children had been invited to the event so despite feeling a tad under-dressed in such opulent surroundings, I was quickly put at my ease.

With many Matalan stores being out of town, the company’s keen to highlight that they are family-friendly. To this end, Matalan had arranged for a private viewing of Disney’s Finding Nemo as a treat for our children before we got to peruse the new clothing range. I wasn’t sure how William would fare with the film – although he’s seen Finding Nemo a few times, he’s never had a cinematic experience before – but, armed with my tips on how to survive the cinema with a 2-year-old, I felt pretty confident that he’d be fine. And he was. The children were given bags of popcorn and delicious melt-in-your-mouth cookies and were kept very happy indeed. It really showed that Matalan had thought about the needs of our children and that they had gone to great lengths to make them feel included. I hope this reflects the level of consideration towards families in their stores.

Afterwards, there was a buffet lunch and we got to take a look at Matalan’s new Autumn and Winter wares. This is where they get into trouble; there was so many lovely items on display, I was sorely tempted to get online there and then and start shopping on their online store! There was many lovely looking clothes for men, women and children alike. If you don’t believe me, take a look for yourself…

Matalan Autum/Winter Collection for 2013

Fast forward 2 weeks and I must be one of the only people in the country to be glad that the temperature seems to be dropping and the weather is starting to get frightful. It means only one thing – a perfect excuse for some winter shopping and a new winter wardrobe. Thank you Matalan for the inspiration!

Please note: My travel expenses to and from this event were paid-for by Matalan and I also received some items as a thank-you for attending, including vouchers to spend in-store and a black and white check shawl. However, all views and opinions expressed here are mine and are ten0% honest.

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