Why I won’t be wishing the days away anymore

My weekends can't come quickly enough... and that's not necessarily a good thing.

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I woke up last Thursday believing it was actually Friday.

I, like almost every other human being on the planet, love Fridays.

For me, much the same as it is for most working mothers (and fathers) I’m sure, Friday is a welcome precursor to the weekend. It brings the promise of 2 whole days with my children.

Two days of fun and laughter.

Two days of cuddles and quality time.

So you can imagine my disappointment when I realised that Thursday was actually Thursday. I still had another day to go before that precious weekend was within my grasp.

Yearning for the weekend

Counting down to the weekend is not an uncommon occurrence. I value my job, but I value my time with my children more.

I admit to sometimes waking up on Mondays and wishing to be magically teleported forward to the end of the week so that I can have another weekend with my children as soon as possible. My weekends just can’t come quickly enough.

Of course, there are also times on a Saturday or Sunday where I find myself wishing for the swift arrival of my children’s bedtime so that I can get a modicum of peace and quiet after a trying day.

But it was only after reading a post about letting go on the Diary of a Jewellery Lover blog that I realised that by wishing the days away like I sometimes do, I’m actually wishing away my children’s childhood too.

Day after day, my children edge closer to adulthood. As every day passes they need me less and less. It may only be a minute shift each day, but it’s still there, still happening.

Why on earth would I want to speed that up? The months and years seem to be passing far too quickly as it is.

I want to savour my children’s childhood. That doesn’t just mean the quality time I get to spend with them each weekend, it’s about valuing every single day.

I may only get a couple of hours at home with Olivia and William each weekday, but just because it’s brief doesn’t mean it’s not important.

I love coming home in the evenings and being greeted by huge hugs from my children as I walk through the front door. But our mornings and evenings always seem rushed. I long for the weekends when we can play and relax at our own pace.

That changes now.

I need to slow down time, not try to speed it up.

From today, I’m determined to shift my attitude and make the most of each day as it arrives.

I’ve just enjoyed a lovely 2 days with my children, but as I get ready for another full week of work, I’m in no hurry for the next weekend to arrive. I won’t be wishing the days away anymore.

Olivia and William are learning new things every single day and I want to make sure I don’t miss a thing.

family, wishing the days away

Before I know it, they’ll be grown up and won’t need me any more. Not like this.

And that’s something I’m in no hurry to experience.


  1. Sometimes it’s hard to just enjoy the moment isn’t it?! Completely relate. Thank you for putting things into perspective. xx

  2. Oh how often I end up in the same situation!

    I’ve never thought of it that I’m actually wishing away their childhood, but you have a point. I need to give this a good think and figure out how I too can make the most of each day.

  3. When I went back to work, in a new job, when my youngest was one I hated being away from the children and just wanted to be home. At the moment I am unable to work due to anxiety, but myself and my husband are both looking for part time so we can both get time at work and as a family x

  4. I think everyone is guilty of doing this! Even though I don’t work at the moment I still long for the weekends when I can forget about the school run for a couple of days and spend time with my family altogether! What does annoy me though is people who count down to birthdays and Christmas far too early – someone told me the other day how long it was until Christmas and I could have punched them LOL

  5. I really need to shift my thoughts on this too as I often wish for the evening to creep in so I can get some down time and then I don’t enjoy the day when I’m tired! Tomorrow is a fresh start, thanks for the reminder! x

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