Financial family planning

Family planning (in the financial sense)

The expensive business of raising a family. New figures out this week suggest it costs £148,000 to raise a child until the age of 18. It’s a figure I can

Kiddicare Lakeside

Kiddicare Lakeside: a new shopping experience

Does Kiddicare really put the needs of families at the heart of their stores? With the January sales in full swing and the likelihood of new year baby or pregnancy


What to expect when you're expecting

The new film, “What to expect when you’re expecting” is out in cinemas this week (25 May).  I’m not donning my ‘film reviewer’ hat, don’t worry.  But, watching this film’s


From baby to boy

There’s been a transformation in my household.  It happened very suddenly, without warning.  I almost didn’t notice.My baby is a baby no more.  He’s now a little boy.  A one-year-old


Six sleeps 'til Santa

Yesterday (sad news aside) was the end of the Christmas party season for my family. Not that my husband and I have been enjoying any drunken festivities, oh no. Our


Seven sleeps 'til Santa

Yesterday, the most amazing thing happened.  I published a post about wishing for snow.  Now that’s not amazing in itself, granted.  But then, literally no more than ten minutes later,


Crawling baby alert!

Now that my computer’s finally free of viruses and horrible malware, I can finally tell you what I’ve been dying to for a few days…. I have a crawling baby!


Mr Shark saves the day

I love it when children’s toys can be put to a practical use.  Let me explain…A few nights ago we awoke to a cold and misty morning.  There was a distinct chill in

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