Style your jeans, denim

How to style your jeans this summer

Now that it's March and officially the start of Spring, I've already started looking forward to warmer weather. I saw daffodils for the first time this week while walking my children
Statement t-shirts

Slogan t-shirts: a summer fashion statement

Making a statement with slogan t-shirts and bold prints. I haven't always been known for my fashion nouse, but I have been reliably informed (by Google, but still... ) that
Angry Birds outfit

An Angry Birds obsession

A new fashion phase for William. Forget the birds and the bees, my children are much more interested in the birds and the pigs right now. Of course I'm talking
style with attitude

Style with attitude

"Like my style? Am I bothered?" William is becoming a real cheeky chappy. He knows his own mind and he's not afraid to express his opinions, especially if he disagrees
Baker by Ted Baker

Looking pretty in pink… and blue

A bright splash of colour for a bright little girl. In my last style revolution post I mentioned that Olivia wore a cerise tunic and navy stretch leggings to the River
clothes, style evolution

Time for a style (r)evolution

Getting stylishly confident. As both of my children get older, I can see how they changing. They're getting taller. Their speech and writing skills are developing at a staggering rate.
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