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Fun things to do

Making a splash on a rainy day

Getting outdoors to support the National Trust Nature Misses You campaign. I'm all for a natural childhood. I wasn't sure I would be so passionate about it, but as my children get older I'm
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Outdoor adventures

Park life

Time to make the most of the sunshine. This weekend has been glorious. We've had non-stop sunshine and although we've obviously had to be careful because of the heat, my
Exploring nature, fresh air
Outdoor adventures

Exploring the great outdoors

Fostering a sense of adventure. I'm a big fan of encouraging our children to play in the great outdoors. Some of my fondest memories as a child were about getting
Nature Reserve
Outdoor adventures

A breath of fresh air

Enjoying the great outdoors. One thing that I love about where I live is that literally 2 minutes walk from my house is this... It's easy to forget about such