Pregnancy, what I wish I had known about having a baby,

What I wish I had known before having a baby

Little things you’re not always told about before becoming a parent. I know I’m stating the bleeding obvious here, but having a baby is a major life-changing event. The positive pregnancy


My thoughts on what makes a good parent

Is there a particular secret to being a good parent? I’ve been pondering these questions since reading a column in The Independent earlier this week asking what makes a good


I solemnly swear – when language goes bad

It can be so delightful watching children grow and seeing them master skills from rolling over, to crawling, then walking, hearing them say their first word…until they say one of


Eleven times table

I seem to have found myself tagged in the mother of all memes.  Now, I’m not sure what I’ve done to deserve this but whatever it was, it must have


A special birthday surprise

Here at The Brat Race, we celebrated Olivia’s third birthday last week.  Three-years-old!  It’s amazing to think that 3 years have already passed.  I have seen her grow from a


A reprimand for mum

The other week, I received a reprimand of sorts.Just before bedtime, Olivia walked into the living room. She surveyed the scene; toys strewn across the floor after a day of


Little Miss Helpful: a poem

I have a little helper,She’s a helpful little Miss.A very good daughter,And, at times, an even better sis’.She helps me with the vacuuming,And putting toys away.Getting things tidy,To play with


Back to work

I left my children today.  I got them up early, got them dressed and fed…and then left them. You see, it was my first day back at work since having

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