Back to school letter

A back to school letter to my children

Olivia and William, I wanted to write you a back to school letter to mark the dawn of this new school year. You awoke this morning tired, your bodies not

Siblings, children, brother and sister

Why I won’t be wishing the days away anymore

I woke up last Thursday believing it was actually Friday. I, like almost every other human being on the planet, love Fridays. For me, much the same as it is for

A mother and her daughter

The day my child wore the wrong clothes to school

A bad mum confession. I’ve done something that I’m not proud of. Something I swore I’d never do. Today, I sent my 5-year-old daughter to school in the wrong clothes.

Pregnancy, what I wish I had known about having a baby,

What I wish I had known before having a baby

Little things you’re not always told about before becoming a parent. I know I’m stating the bleeding obvious here, but having a baby is a major life-changing event. The positive pregnancy

The Three Amigos

20 reasons why young children are awesome!

Why my children rock my world. Last October I wrote a post about the ten things I miss about life before motherhood. It was all true of course (I wouldn’t

Life before I became a mother

Ten things I miss about life before I became a mother

Gone but not forgotten… Having children changes so many things in your life. Things that you previously took for granted seem to suddenly evaporate, quickly becoming distant memories. Looking back,

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