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What I wish I had known before having a baby

Little things you’re not always told about before becoming a parent. I know I’m stating the bleeding obvious here, but having a baby is a major life-changing event. The positive pregnancy


What to expect when you're expecting

The new film, “What to expect when you’re expecting” is out in cinemas this week (25 May).  I’m not donning my ‘film reviewer’ hat, don’t worry.  But, watching this film’s


Siblings: worlds apart from the start

Who knew children could be like chalk and cheese right from the word go? Image credit In my last post, I talked about my pregnancy with Olivia, the diagnosis of

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Why the simple things mean the most

Sometimes it’s the most simple things we hold the most dear. Ever since having children, I’ve discovered that I have lived 2 lives; one before my babies came along and

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The one where it all begins

Welcome to The Brat Race, a new blog for working parents. No-one told me how hard it can be having children. Or maybe they did, but I was so caught up in the excitement and